stop the season stop the sting
a plastic mic a broken string, yeah
infected wound from a rusty ring, so what?

soon you'll be there too
soon you'll be there too

kissing families can't recall
a program to derail us all
forgotten prison it's been safe 'til now

it's no wonder that we did it this way
kept looking forward on paths sideways
it's everything that is connected and beautiful
and now I know just where I stand
move on
roll along
not too late
it's everything that is connected and beautiful
and now I know just where I stand

thank god
your heart is too close

this can be the bitter end
but I know it won't

well someone said I made a mistake
kept looking forward on paths sideways
it's everything that is connected and beautiful
and now I know just where I stand
well seasons always shift too late
spent too much time now on paths sideways
it's everything that is connected and beautiful
and now I know just where I stand
thank god it's over....

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Kissing Families song meanings
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    General Comment

    I really like the video for this song. It seems pretty self-explanitory to me, I mean, I think I get the gist of it.

    Here's what I think:

    Maybe the writer is having a hard time in life, or maybe just a bad day. All those little things that go wrong (plastic mic, broken string, infected wound from a rusted ring) just add up and lead to bigger problems (Sideway paths). They're thinking about giving up, but then they realize that other people are/have/will be in the same position (Soon you'll be there too). They realize that it might feel like the end, but it will eventually pass (This can be the bitter end, I know it won't/ Thank God it's over) And so they take a look at their life, and see how all these things have lead them to where/who they are, how everything is connected (and beautiful), and how now they've finally figured out where, or who, they are.

    That's just what I think though. =] It's really a beautiful song.

    ilisajasmineon December 25, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    Well, first, I agree that SSPU is a wonderful band. But I think this song is a lot darker than most of you seem to. To me, this song is about a young man who has been living through a hellish abusive family life, and has finally broken free. Evidence: Song title, after all, mentions Families. Items associated with children - string, rusty ring. "So what?" - infected wound (something children get commonly), but no one cares. Forgotten prison - sounds like many kids' homes. "Now I know just where I stand" - something a teenager might say after his parents lay down the law or even strike him. "bitter end, I know it won't" - I might finally be getting away from the abusive parent (moving out), but of course it won't really be the end since they're family. "thank god it's over" - Brian's voice in the last verse and especially this line are so filled with anger and anguish, and also relief at finally escaping.
    Also, if you watch the video, Brian has a very prominent black eye. I assume it's makeup, applied for the video. You have to ask yourself why he might have done that.

    Anyway, that's how I see it. And no, I'm not from an abusive family background myself. But this song still almost makes me cry like a little girl every time I hear it.

    rkpetersenon March 01, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    This band reminds me of Modest Mouse. This song rocks. They play it at American Eagle where I work.

    ndjson August 11, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    Has anyone considered the notion that perhaps your taking the meaning too literal? Perhaps this is about not just a marriage but the tradition itself?

    When I hear it its almost as if he's remarking on how he was socialized to believe from when he was young that marriage is a wonderful beautiful thing.

    The Line : "it's no wonder that we did it this way keep looking forward on paths sideways" To me he's saying of course we've thought things this way and did it this way, its all we've known and therefor how were we supposed to know it was warped and contorted?

    I think the Black eye, and the brace are both symbols of various metaphors. The Black eye clouded judgment and the Brace a twisted arm as in, "They have my arm twisted" As if they have him right where they want him. Which would allude to the notion of the way we're socialized forcing him into such a situation.

    I disagree with the abuse, Its definitely alludes to a relationship too strongly unless their referring to spousal abuse, However I dont buy that do to the Line "Soon you'll be there too." Are they telling us we'll be abused too? Perhaps in some way their alluding to that metaphorically, however it seems more plausible that its a metaphor for a change of view.

    kenshen83on May 25, 2010   Link
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    General Comment

    some of your lyrics are definitely wrong

    i think it's "And kissing families can be come a program to derail us all" simply because of one of past myspace headlines.

    unless you're absolutely sure you're right.

    In any event, this is a neat song, despite the obscure lyrics. And the music video rocks.

    Yellowvanblakeon July 04, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    i love this song. back a few months ago, i saw these guys at a place in homers which is in omaha nebraska. It was just a little acoustic show, with around like 30 people. i was in the front row, basically right in front of him. they were playing a show later that day at the slowdown, and this was just a free thing before. they played this song, and the way he screamed out the second chorus gave me nothing short of chills, and i would say the acoustic show was way better than the actual one

    shaver099on November 06, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    I think it is a downward spiral of a failing relationship. At least that is how it relates to me. A rusted ring refers to a marriage that lost its luster and causes pain.
    "Forgotten prison It's been safe 'til now" is being content and putting up with the pain because you don't believe there is better. "Well, some would say I'd made a mistake Kept looking forward on paths sideways It's everything that is connected and beautiful And now I know just where I stand" is your friend's or loved ones wondering why you are still there. "Well, seasons always shift too late Spent too much time now on paths sideways It's everything that's connected and beautiful And now I know just where I stand Thank God it's over" is when you realize that things will never change and the pain has lasted too long. It is also the relief of freedom. I could also see this song being about an abusive relationship.

    Sandalduston November 17, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    i think this song is about families (obviously) that are dysfunctional but that deep inside they really love each other:

    stop the season stop the sting a plastic mic a broken string infected wound from a rusty ring -their fights come and go as if they were seasons, and many times somebody gets really hurt either emotionally or physically

    soon, you'll be there too -they say to each other, "this will happen again, dont worry"

    kissing families can't recall a program to derail us all forgotten prison it's been safe 'til now -they cant recall the times they loved each other, they wish they had sort of a program to follow step by step to make things better, they fell like they imprisoned, and they are no longer safe with their family

    t's no wonder that we did it this way keep looking forward on paths sideways it's everything that is connected and beautiful and now i know just where i stand move on roll along not today it's everything that is connected and beautiful and now i know just where i stand -its no surprise that this disaster happened, because they looked for happiness where they shouldn't (drugs alcohol) but they know that they are a family and that they are all connected in beautiful ways to each other, and now the son (whom i think its the one narrating the story) knows his part in the family and what he has to do. they move on, to a better time

    thank god you're heart is too close -they are thankful that they are together

    this can be the bitter end i know it wont -it explains itself

    heartgranadeon July 19, 2010   Link
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    General Comment

    I think this song is about just how much someone in your life who is a fucked up person can affect you. For example, in the music video, the bassist has the cords wrapped around her ankles and she is knocking everything down in her path. Drug addiction, depression, whatever it is: when someone in your life is messed up, they end up messing you up, and everyone who loves them as well (it's everything that is connected and beautiful). The writer clearly loves that person and can't leave them or get them out of their life ("this can be the bitter end, i know it wont"). "spent too much time now on paths sideways"- they aren't going anywhere, nothing is changing. "move on, roll along" don't drag me down with you "thank god it's over" he/she managed to get them out of their lives

    idk, just want I think about it! Reminds me of one of my best friends who was addicted to drugs. Not only did he ruin his own life but he dragged a lot of people down with him (including myself). When people are fucked up, they affect everyone who loves them too.

    cheeksflushedon March 31, 2014   Link
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    General Comment're right. I can hear that now you've said it. It's really hard to work out what he sings a lot of the time!

    Anyhoo - I adore this song. I have it on repeat constantly.

    gilmoregirlon July 09, 2006   Link

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