"Dancing on the Highway" as written by and Patti Lee Smith Ivan Kral....
If you want me;
Listening so close,
From far away.
I memorized
What you told me,
Like a foreigner
On holiday.
I know to smile
At confusion,
And not forget
The soul
That smiles on me.

On the highway,
The broken line that led
From you to me.
Well, I’ll be
At my station
All night...
So come on by ,
If you feel like...

Still here,
If you want me.
Look at what
I can do
With empty time.
A lost love
That likes to haunt me:
It’s waiting 'round
To meet
Me when I die.
Death surrounds, protects the living -
Thhis is what you said,
And I agreed
Not to be
Just because your soul
Is untimely free...

Because I’m here, if you want me, my love; dancing on the highway

But your sun still burns my eye
Oh, why?
Oh, why?

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    Song MeaningPersonally, I would think that this song is about a love who has passed away- 'Your soul's done time and free,' being a piece of evidence to this. He also sings that 'death surrounds, protects the living,' which could be his pondering that his love is watching him and protecting him until he finally joins her. The lyric 'your sun still burns my eye,' may be referencing to the fact that it hurts him to think of her, and that he can't admit that she is gone. However, I think that the biggest piece of evidence to this theory is the lyric 'I'm here if you want me, dancing on the highway,' he is almost saying that he is trying to kill himself so that he can finally see his love in the afterlife, and that if his love wants him then she'll let him die. This is supported by the lyric 'Don't forget the soul that smiles on me.' In saying this, he is saying that he thinks his love's soul is watching over him and smiling because she'll soon see him again. Smiling at confusion may be referencing the fact that that he doesn't quite understand what has happened, so he is acting as if he's okay. Another huge factor to supporting this theory is the lyric 'a lost love that likes to haunt me, it's waiting round to meet me when I die.' Quite self explanatory; he can't stop thinking of her, so he is therefore being haunted by it. The 'look at what's I can do with empty time' lyric is just saying that he is lonely and bored without her.
    shadowsharp1324on March 31, 2017   Link

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