Ayo, I got a slight problem I smoke weed too much
Knees buckle the fuck up when I'm splittin' my dutch
Back up back up! Ain't nobody hittin' for free
It's just E Doubl-E, Keith Murray, and me
It cost twenty if you're down with it
Ayo son I ride around with my hooptie tinted
To ride around blitted
Cause I be feignin' for that pookie
I smoke the good sh, save the backyard boogie for all groupies
And I be, smokin' up the hotel lobby
Between mo' sheets than the Isleys, I'm high G
I'm holdin' it down for the be-Rrrah-I-see
K, blaze, tell you to get bluhh politely
(Hit the funky if you're riding around gettin' blitz)
Ask me if I love the rap game, I, I'm loving it
Cause I can do what the ow fuck I feel is real
Blaze the poot with D. Don and tell uh to get the dills

I smoke on and on on, ya don't stop
I'm gettin' mad fucked up and ya don't stop
To all my real dogs, all my real pals
Who ain't smokin', get the fuck ow
I smoke on and on on, ya don't stop
I'm gettin' mad fucked up and ya don't stop
To all my real dogs, all my real pals
Who ain't smokin', get the fuck ow

I just love tokin', blackin' out like Tame in the open
Of course I got the raw dog no need to stick your nose in
Gave you a straight up shotgun when we was smokin'
Froze you so fast, you looked it like Madonna Vogue-in
Aw! I got the sh to get your whole click high
We can get high, but act funny and I'ma whip out
And they gon' whip out, and blow notes like Michel'le
Cause you tried to jump the cipher and it goes this-a-way

I smoke on and on on, ya don't stop
I'm gettin' mad fucked up and ya don't stop
To all my real dogs, all my real pals
Who ain't smokin', get the fuck ow
I smoke on and on on, ya don't stop
I'm gettin' mad fucked up and ya don't stop
To all my real dogs, all my real pals
Who ain't smokin', get the fuck ow
Smoke Buddah, smoke Buddah

The song you're about to hear, is sponsored by
Nas whip
Niggas against smokin' weed in public places
A subdivision of I-K-S-R-F-O
I'm knockin' somebody right the fuck out

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Smoke Buddah Lyrics as written by Reggie Noble James Ambrose Johnson

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