The fat is in the fire, a fryer made of chicken wire
Gettin' sick and tired of a friggin' liar
Pelican, with some very soft mangoes
A closet full of skeletons and terry cloth Kangols
Flew the coop, before you hit it let me warn you
She did a cool hula-hoop, but don't get any on you
It's all a big scam, to make y'all eat pig ham
When he's on the mic he's like the triggerman, fig jam
Doom, not to be confused with nobody
Especially, since the flows he used was so nutty
Never too woozy to go study, crews got no clues
Like old cruddy Officer McGillicuddy
Watch your six, he got a lot of more tricks
Lyrics, bricks, on sticks sure got raw-nytics
It's a gift, don't get shot for kicks
With the same slick used to plot Sig Figs with
Spotted at a chick flick, holdin' hands
The other one on his swollen glands, a golden chance
That's why he kept them holes in his pants
Rollin' in a old van, is what he told his stolen fans
Is that you? True, matched from hat to shoe
Snafu, snatch any brew, LaBatt's Blue
Black jew like that's new, patch me through
No latch attached, skat shoo, catch twenty-two
Super, he's loaded dice nice
And overpriced, an arm and a leg, owe 'em your life or your ice
Villain, nag a grieving old hag
Snag a bragger by his mic cord and leave him holding the bag
Come clean, a bunch of dumb mean cream puffs
A keen drum machine buff, who fiends for more green stuff
Instead of starvin' there be problems by the goo gobs
Aight, somebody's robbin' Lou Dobbs and them tonight
And he's on the next flight, moonbound
And makes it a point to stay away from the goon pound
Got some peers, that's gone in the lost years
Tears and cheers, born in the crosshairs

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Crosshairs Lyrics as written by Daniel Thompson Brian Burton

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Crosshairs song meanings
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    General Commentno idea what he is speaking of, but, this song is my life.
    willworkforchanelon December 27, 2006   Link
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    General Commentsong is soooo goooood.
    i can't figure it out...pelican, with some very soft mangos?

    who knows.
    pelicanssson March 26, 2007   Link
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    General Commentdangermouse used to make beats with a group called pelican city, so that might be what the "pelican" is about. i suggest trying to find the instrumental cd "rhode island" by pelican city
    dyscoveryourselfon May 01, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song shows how danger can make the best best best beats outta classical music. Doom plays on the rhythm so well. They really make a good team.
    floydeyeon September 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentHmm... Probably overthinking this one, but I'm thinking some of the lines are describing a woman..

    Pelican, with some very soft mangoes-- White (pelicans are white birds) with soft breasts.

    "She did a cool hula hoop but don't get any on you"--The sex is good, but don't forget to wear a condom (don't get any on you)

    Spotted at a chick flick, holding hands, the other one on his swollen glands, a golden chance-- she was playing with his balls in the movie theater.

    Most of the other stuff is completey unrelated to that, so I'm probably wrong.
    Wulfreignson November 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think the narrative is about the Villain DOOM falling in love with a girl who other just don't see as his type. MF is acting as the narrator talking about how out of character it is for him to do something like that. Its only for a moment though, as at the end of the song DOOM is faced with the prospect of losing his reputation over her, and leaves.

    At first I hated this song, but now that I've listened to it, its one of my favorites on TM&TM. It feels deeper than the rest of the CD.
    doesion August 17, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIs it just me, or does anyone else think its halirious that the "Robotic Hymn of Doom" is "Why are you listening to this song backwards?" when played in reverse?
    awhisperpoeticon March 25, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretationseems to me the beginning is about doom scoring off of some girl who is tired of her bf's lies. the fat is in the fryer. euphemism for his john and her vaj. he describes the girl as chicken wire gettin fricken tired of a frickin liar. she has some skeletons in her closet. anyway in the end it was a scam she wanted some head lol. make yall eat pig ham. then he just goes off on how nice he is.
    wizwizwizon June 17, 2012   Link

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