Sit up straight and be quiet,
Sit down, son.
Sit up straight in your seat,
And I do not want any more talking, any more moving about, at all.
Absolutely still, absolutely quiet.
Look up here. Look up here!
Let me have your undivided attention.
Nobody talking, nobody moving,
Absolutely (snap) nobody looking around.
Alright put your hands down, eyes (snap) closed.
Close your eyes, eyes closed.
Come on, right now, come on.
Nobody moving, nobody talking.
Absolutely still, every eye closed.

And, uh, he thought he could, um, uh, he could stop when he wanted to, that he can stop, you know, when he wants to stop. And, uh, I don't think that he ever really believed that he couldn't stop. I really believe it. I think that he really felt that he could stop whenever he wanted to.

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    General CommentI always feel very sorry for the speaker. He is trying his best to keep the facade of power, but you can hear him breaking down. I could only imagine how emotionally disturbed he must be.
    OurQuietPlanon March 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwhen this was played live, nick said the sample was of an anonymous american disciplinarian who they thought "sounded like an asteroid headed straight towards the earth". i can sort of see it too - he terrifies me, almost. how his voice kind of breaks as if he's unaware of his power or he can't control it.
    gyroscopeon February 12, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe man in the first clip sounds almost exactly ike a man I grew up in a private religious school with; he's the most respected man there and I remember several times when kids could not be controlled by the teachers themselves, he would come straighten us out. When I first heard this song that sample took me from my almost asleep state to massive deja vu...freaked me out a bit!

    I said all that just to say that the man in the sample is possibly very similar...a religious man disciplining school-age kids.
    brickoon December 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think that the first part of this song is at some religious or self esteem type seminar, probably something drug related when looking at the second part of it, and the speaker is telling them to close their eyes so they can do some visualization or something like that. The second part may be at a counseling type place or just a general conversation about someone who couldn't stop, which i imagine could be anything harmful. the music gives a pretty positive vibe in the background, almost like feeling closure, and there is a faint laugh at the very end which kind of confuses me. overall i think the title sums up the point of the can't ever really stop.
    cerealiscoolon February 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI like Nick's comment about it because this sort of person is obviously someone with very little real power, but an asteroid headed for us would have the gravity to command this kind of attention. The possibility of either case makes for something worth thinking about.
    ekmesnzon December 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOverall, this song conveys a mood of distress to me. The instruments seem to progress seemingly unperturbed, advancing toward a relatively stable state until the voice of the man silences their progress. The strings slowly come back to force but express a different idea, instead of a rapid developing tempo of homophonic texture previously being played, the tempo has slowed and the texture is polyphonic almost in mourning, not fully expressed because of the interrupting woman and her comments where the song ends abruptly. this abrupt ending suggests to me that the mourning is not to be intrusive but more suggestive by allowance of sound dynamics as well as the comments mad by the man.

    To expand on the mournful theme i have mentioned: To me the human race is a specie of animal that has evolved in a way that has been selected for by nature. that which has been selected for is what works for the most part and is thus not perfect. given that this specie of animal expresses error in the form of genetic disorders or environment induced disorders various "unhealthy" individuals may be born. As man has applied their use of their intellect to exploit this earth in whatever terms they see fit, this natural selection has been restricted, one aspect being that the harsh effects of the natural wild have been removed and replaced with a synthetic 'realty' allowing the existence of many individuals to exist who would have normally met death because of their inferior genotype (mental disorder among many other malfunctions in humans), phenotype (less offspring due to unattractive features in accordance with a body that is meek, genotype affect) , and/or shitty situation (which applies to all.. ex. being killed by a lion, breaking an arm, catching a cold) that leads to death. The mourning stems from mans interference of natural course. organic reality that the earth dictates to man, not the other way around. Being that man's was never suited for the power they crave and have, a few will destroy what has taken billions of years to evolve. I must stop talking because i have a calculus to do.
    geogaddiaon February 25, 2008   Link

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