"With An Urgency" as written by and Talley Carpenter....
Hey you, young love
Don't let them cut out your tongue
Swallow the key to your heart
And smile through your teeth

Hey you, young love
Don't let them cut out your tongue
It's only over
When we choose to forgive them

Give me your hand
When no one else understand's
The day the hostages making demands
We gave ourselves
When there was nobody else
We found what we were looking for in the summer

I never begged to be immune
To love a heart so out of tune
But I believed you when you told me I was ruined

And if the sun comes up again
I'll be waiting for the others to come in
They'll never take us alive
And they can never take away
What keep's you safe

When you're afraid to lose it all
Just love and nothing more
Until we love nothing more.
Until we love

Hey you, young love
And all that's left of us.
Hey you, young love

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"With an Urgency" as written by James Isaiah Munoz Darren Tang Simoes


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    General CommentI'm pretty sure it's "when we choose to forget them" not "when we choose to forgive them". It could be either, but forget is what it sounds like and makes my interpretation of the song a lot stronger so I'm gonna go with it.

    The song is saying that once you stop caring what people think about you (forget them) you can do anything. When you stop caring what people think people who are still self conscious will not understand because you will be able to say/do whatever you want while other people are hostages to their own self conscious worries (the day the hostages start making demands). The song becomes a tragedy when the speaker starts to believe what his lover says about him (but I believed you when you said I was ruined) and that destroys him and makes him a hostage to his self consciousness again. At the end of the song, 'you' (the speaker's lover) is all that's left of 'us' because the speaker has been destroyed by self consciousness.
    RU12on May 14, 2009   Link

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