You're my water
You're my wine
You're my whiskey
From time to time

You're the hunger
On my bones
All the nights
I sleep alone

Sweet intoxication
When your words
Wash over me

Whether or not
Your lips move
You speak to me

Like an ocean
Without waves
You're the movement
That I crave

And in that motion
I long to drown
And be lost not to be found
You're my water
You're my wine
You're my whiskey
From time to time

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Drunkard's Prayer Lyrics as written by Linford Detweiler Karin Bergquist

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Drunkard's Prayer song meanings
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    General Commenti definitely don't get such a strong biblical feel from this song. yeah its about a prayer, but i think its more describing the way you can feel about someone, and OTR are using the drunkards metaphor to how they feel about booze to how one can feel about another person. oh i guess that could mean God to some.
    silhouettedon July 20, 2008   Link
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    My Interpretation@think-carpe-diem

    All songs don't have to be about God. In fact, I think it's really lame when everything in the world is about Mr. All Mighty.

    Why can't this be a simple love story? Why can't she be singing about the beauty of her love?

    When everything in life is about God, honestly, it cheapens life.
    brianm37on April 16, 2010   Link
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    General CommentCurious how song meanings change when we apply context to what was going on behind the album: They were separated and working on their marriage. They got back together and released this album. Now discuss.
    happythemanon July 02, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI believe she's uses the opposite of usual metaphors to describe what she's thinking.

    where usually we hear that God/Jesus fill us, she talkes about hour she hungers, and the hunger is deep "on my bones".

    she starts out using biblical metaphores "your my hunger, your my wine" and then goes on to say"your my whiskey from time to time" and I think she says 2 things here. One that God/Jesus are more then the few metaphors described in the bible to help us understand them, but once you understand them you see them in other things. For her, like whiskey is a source of comfort and alcohol a lifestyle for a drunk, so is God to her.

    The second verse talks about how she yearns for God, and He's the hunger she has, and she's lonely with out Him.

    Then she goes on to talk about "Truth" and His "Word"(bible) and how they relate to being intoxicated because your so caught up in it and it effects your mental state, decision making, and is obvious to those around you what's happening to you.

    Then of course she shows us that the words she's describing aren't a physical thing, but an internal thing.

    Then she goes on to say that she "craves" "movement" in her life, but the movement is His movement, or His influence. She's also saying that right now she's feeling low, and lonely, and hungry for Him.

    Then she goes on to say that in the "motion" or in Him, she wants to "down, and be lost not to be found" which this is usually a term we use to describe someone who doesn't know God, but she seeks to know God so much, be so close to him that to those she knows, and even her previous self to "drown" in Him, and be "Lost" in Him.

    Then she finishes with the first verse, to emphasize how it's God that fills her thirst, even when the thirst is a desperate one from time to time.
    think-carpe-diemon May 23, 2008   Link
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    General Commentwhen I said the bit about to those she knows and her previous self, I meant to say that it would seem she was drowning and forever lost in Him, but for some reason I skipped the middle of my sentence.

    Also, she could be compared to a non-beleiever in the "darkness" because she yearns for God so much that she wants to be that desperately caught up in Him.
    think-carpe-diemon May 23, 2008   Link

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