I can't remember anything
Can't tell If this is true or dream
Deep down inside I feel to scream
This terrible silence stops me
Now that the war is through with me
I'm waking up I can not see
That there is not much left of me
Nothings real but pain now
Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please god wake me
Back in the womb it's much too real
In pumps life that I must feel
But can't look forward to reveal
Look to the time when I'll live
Fed through the tube that sticks in me
Just like a wartime novelty
Tied to machines that make me be
Cut this life off from me
Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please god wake me
Now the world is gone I'm just one
Oh please help me hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please God help me
Darkness imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror
I Cannot Live
I Cannot die
Trapped in Myself
Body my holding cell
Landmine has taken my sight
Taken my speech
Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul
Left me with life in hell

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One (Metallica cover) song meanings
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    General Comment

    ive never even heard of this song, are yall shure its even by korn?

    Punk_hater90on June 01, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    OHH MY GOD .. MTV ICON : METELLICA KOVER !?: great song

    cheeprezahon June 10, 2005   Link
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    It's the secret track at the end of Take A Look In The Mirror, it comes after When Will This End.

    Knuckles owns GCon June 28, 2005   Link
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    I love this song!!!! i love the original...but fuckin shit did koRn do this song some kick ass justice!!! and yes...the song is at the end of the song "when will this end" there is alot of sinlence between the song and this song...forward it till bout 9:33...then play. I love koRn!!! cant wait for the new Cd!!!!

    kOrNsLiLfReAkOnALsHon August 01, 2005   Link
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    The song's about a soldier that fought in Vietnam. He was blown up by a bomb, and now he's blind and deaf, and his legs and arms were blown away, so he can't do anything but hope someone will end his suffering and kill him.

    Andersfon August 08, 2005   Link
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    This song is awesome. I love metallica and I love thier version of one, but man... Korns version may be even better. Oh, and Andersf was right, Metallica wrote this song, I think, after reading a book about a soldier who was blown up by a landmine and couldn't move or speak or even feel anything.

    big coopson August 19, 2005   Link
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    NO... korn killed this song. they dont even play the solo. they stop right before that part. and the book the song is based on is call "jonny got his gun" some high schools make you read it

    yoyoheadon January 04, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    I am a koRn fan, but I have been a metallica fan since i was able to walk and talk. koRn killed this song. This is almost as big of a fuck up as Another Brick In the Wall. koRn needs to stick with their own shit because they suck at redoing songs.

    Sanitarium6289on April 05, 2006   Link
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    on the MTV icon brian (or munkey? i dunno they are both fuking clones of each other) REALLY looked like he was struggling with even the first few bars of the solo. And they assraped it further by cutting it short, the main reason 'one' is such a masterpeice is because of the instrumental tillk the end of the song, and they cut the whoel thig out......

    I PLay the Bass!!!on June 01, 2006   Link
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    korn version kicks ass, metaliica jus suck, im sorry...thas my opinion

    Fuct_hahaon June 25, 2006   Link

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