Verse 1
The art of finite revelation
Hallow eyes of the forsaken
Into reflex machination
We bleed unseen
Show me something I would die for
Show me something I would lie for
Sadness for the passing time
Deceiver whispers in my mind

Chorus 2x
Sculpted from the napalm clay
Into mankind's final day
This is done - and enemy's won
This is done - This is done

Bridge 1
Melt into the darkness of light
Impotent heroes withered might
Last battle cry for our kind
Deceivers whisper in your mind

Bridge 2
For all the tales never woven
For all the words never spoken
If it's the last thing we ever do
Make it worth it, make it true

Verse 2
Emerging from the underground
Wearing a dead kings broken crown
Fight for freedom, us or them
Crush the false diadem
Kinetic destruction of the soul
Years of oppression made you cold
You only care about your own gain
Nimrod hunts for the insane

Chorus 2x

Bridge 1
Melt into the darkness of light
Impotent heroes withered might
Last battle cry of our kind
Deceivers whisper in your mind

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Final Day song meanings
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