the statue of liberty is
green with sickness
doesn't want to witness
the murder of these children of her own
by her own
extract all the oxygen
with precision and slowness
hoping we won't notice
poison the water so the garden grows
into apathetic vegetables

the statue of liberty is
green with envy
jealous of prosperity
and peace residing in a land
hand in hand
while daddy leaves his loved ones
home without him
they sure are proud of him
it's such an honor to serve
a government of murderers

it's about time we trade our stars and stripes for a pirate flag(set sail right now)
we battled these seas so that we could be free
now lets take the freedom that we've never had
with our blades and our barrels in the air we sing
yo, ho, ho, yo, ho, ho, hey
for the pirates of liberty

filtration of our content
make sure we fit the mold
punish the ones who question
any of the lies we're told
we're free to fall in line and
we're free to be just like them
this was supposed to be
a shelter from this persecution

it's about time we trade our stars and stripes for a pirate flag(set sail right now)
we battled these seas so that we could be free
now lets take the freedom that we never had
with our blades and our barrels in the air we sing
yo, ho, ho, yo, ho, ho, hey
for the pirates of liberty

as a teacher, i believe it is my job to help instill the principle of tolerance, and i do believe that we can do something in our schools to help students understand that we need to support other peoples' differences. that differences are what make this world interesting. we weren't put on this earth to be the same, we we're put on this earth to be different. it's absolutely essential that we understand that that's okay.

the statue of liberty is green with sickness
stares down at hatred that she doesn't want to have to witness
nobody ever thought our constitution
could be the gallows where our freedoms meet their execution

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