Hey, Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey, Hey

Verse I:
Locked 9 to 5 everyday in a holding cell
Work 40 hours a week trying to make your bail
They mechanized the company to maximize efficency
Fell from american dreams into reality
The pillow's not near as soft as you thought it'd be

What's your function, your main malfunction
Pardon me for this brief interuption
Of your alarm clock and coffee pot lifestyle
Built on broken promises supposed to make it all worth while


Verse II:
They're playing russian roulette down on wall street
Muzzle to the temple of our social security
You thought you'd earned yourself something to fall back on
Too bad it swallowed the barrel of a loaded gun
This burden is on our shoulders and it weighs a ton


What's your function, what's your main malfunction
What's your role in this industrial corruption
Do you stand for what is right or do you stand in line
Do you stand up do you fight or do you stand in line
Holding hands out for payment in due time

Bridge II:
Can you really trust the people who you're working for
(A man you've never met before)
Are you a servant for a man you can't hold respect for
(or are you maybe just a whore)
Do we really need the fortunes that we're striving for
(The exploitation of the poor)
Are these all issues that are easier to ignore


What's your function, what's your main malfunction
I refuse to be a part of this corruption
I don't need this fucking automated lifestyle
(Flip a)Finger to the lies that we're supposed to make this all worthwhile
At least im going fucking down in style

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