In my fear,
I fear
We're seas apart in old worlds.
We began,
In vibrant colors,
But one of the things you said
And I dread it.
That everything turns grey,
This is where I stray

I, I want so badly,
To say that these things don't exist anymore.
When that indigo
Creeps upon me I can't deny
That I'm blue,
And not like you

When I look into your eyes at times
It's within them I find
A love I never knew,
Still I'm bound to you.
Something inside so strong,
Won't settle in me somehow, I'm not free.

I want so badly, to say that these things don't exist anymore.
When that indigo creeps upon me I can't deny
That I'm blue.

It's past mistakes not hearts that break,
In moral laws respect they take and
It still effects me to.
If my one enemy is me,
Then tell me how to stay true and not be blamed by you.

I, I want so badly to say that these things
When that indigo
I can't deny that I'm blue.
I, I want so badly to say that these things don't exist anymore.
When that indigo creeps upon me I can't deny
That I'm blue,
And not like you.

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Thing's Don't Exist Lyrics as written by Goapele Mohlabane Jeff Bhasker

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Things Don't Exist song meanings
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    General Comment

    I think that she wants so much to be able to say that she no longer loves him... but there is no way to deny the fact that she does (she can't' deny that she's blue', or sad, because she still feels so strongly for him). The worst part, however, is the lline: "and not like you." She knows that he does not miss her, he isn't sad, and he's no longer in love.... even tho she cant help being bound to him...

    Pryncess33on December 27, 2005   Link
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    My Opinion

    I always wondered what she was talking about on this song. The only parts I seemed to totally understand was the chorus and even then it seemed to me that she was talking about race. Then after reading the lyrics I was for sure she was talking about race, but only thought that she was speaking from a Black perspective to Caucasian people. Then everything flipped and dawned on me that she could possibly be talking from a Caucasian perspective to Black people (since she's biracial). But now I'm convinced she's talking from a biracial/multi-racial perspective to both races.

    Forgive me in advance for the length of this but consider this...

    "In my fear, I fear we're seas apart in old worlds"

    (Sounds like she's discussing the history of people in this nation of segregation and discrimination solely on the premise of race even after Civil Rights Acts...that we only now silently segregate and discriminate against each other. We as people still choose to live segregated from other races---still stuck in the past mindset)

    "We began in vibrant colors but one of the things you said and I dread it: That everything turns grey This is where I stray"

    (This stanza sounds like she could be discussing her racial identity once acknowledged as being unique, different, independent and undefined; however, now she is no longer acknowledged as individually unique. Instead she's now forced to choose her label, "black" or "white" (which equals gray by the way). This she doesn't agree with...

    "I, I want so badly to say that these things don't exist anymore When that indigo creeps up on me I can't deny that I'm blue And not like you"

    (I think this chorus can be looked at different ways, but for the sake of time...I believe for the most part she's saying that she wishes race wasn't still such a huge issue. I think she used the color indigo because it is the product of the color blue and violet being mixed together, yet at the same time is not acknowledged by most people as being a unique color at all. Instead it is labeled as blue or purple in ignorance; however, it can't be denied that it is blue, but at the same time it's equally purple, too. It is undefinable, putting it now in it's own separate category.)

    "When I look into your eyes At times it's within them I find a love I never knew Still I'm bound to you Something inside, so strong, won't settle in me Somehow I'm not free"

    (She finds an individual and unique beauty in each race that makeup her identity, yet she is still bound with the ideology of society that she must label herself as one or the other and she is unable to do so and have peace)

    "It's past mistakes... not hearts that break Immoral laws, respect they take And now, it still affects me too If my worst enemy is me Then tell me how to stay true And not be blamed by you"

    (In this stanza it sounds like she's referring to the nation's social stigmas between blacks and whites, each side claiming the other side is the enemy because of things done in the past...never at one time embracing each other and falling out (not the product of a broken heart), but always being "at war". Because of this war, she is then forced to choose who she is (this is the immoral law) or either the choice is made for her (disrespect). With her being equally black as she is white, she then becomes her own enemy according to society's view which she ends by asking the question of how not to sell out to either side while not become an enemy at the same time...we know that it's impossible under this old way of thinking.)

    I know it's a lot, but let me know what you think ;-)

    votreaimeon January 27, 2010   Link

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