[Repeat x3]
Uhh uhh come on
Got to get the scrilla got to get the scrilla
Got to get the cash hey come on got to get it (huh huh)

Ridahs please callin' on all ridahs please
Blowin' through the wind like the sticky green breeze
Back once again straight faded off Henn'
It's that nigga WC with the pocket full of spend
Runnin' all the gators with the new chrome feet
Checkin' through my rearview with my hand on my heat
'Cause hatas can't stand to see a nigga doin' good
But fuck Hollywood I'm a still bang the 'hood
Gettin' my stalk on walk on loc I'm all about the paper
Hoppin' out the Navigator with braids & Chucks Taylors
A regulator scopin' the field like a commentator
Dodgin' investigators haters & salt shakers
The cookie baker the 64 pancaker
Bitch my whole entourage is full of kit makers &
Gators trip makers to Vegas from bird breakers from skyscrapers
Tippin' nobellas cause loc we's all about the Cheddar

See we down for whatever
It's all about the Cheddar
I put that on my life & the 23rd letter

Everybody get yo' scrilla
Don't worry 'bout ya time zone
Homie get yo' grind on

Bounce baby baby bounce baby baby bounce
To them outta town niggas I still got 'em 9 an ounce
Can't rely on no label to send my kids to college
So after I rock the spot meet me in the parking lot
Now call it what you want but the game got me cheese
With bitches on my dick since my last CD
I went from young black & broke bro' to dub the inevitable
Turnin' over three decimals bangin' the oyster perpetual
Let it go rags to riches buckets to Phillies
I went from no dough to mo' dough
To still gettin' these switches
I'm wicked for digits forgive me God for the truth
But I fiends for Cheddar like a smoker with a sweet tooth
Got game from Legit & 40 see Mac & Short
Cube told me the key to it all is to keep hustlin' loc
Put your family first & the rest will endeavor
Stay focused & forever we can get this Cheddar
Come on

See we down for whatever
It's all about the Cheddar
I put that on my life & the 23rd letter

Everybody get yo' paper
Don't worry 'bout ya time zone
Homie get yo' grind on

Get it get it
Ahaha My nigga that shit is hard as fuck
Get it get it get it get it
Hey you got they heads bobbin' and everythang nigga
But what I really want to hear from you
Get it got it
Is some of that jingle shit you be doin'

Ring duh duh duh ding ding ding givin it' up
(Yeah naw naw fuck that dog come again)
Out of the Westside of SC fuckin' it up
Ring duh duh duh ding ding ding givin it' up
Out of the
Hold up nigga wait a minute fuck that yo
(What's up?)
Yeah I got dollars in my pocket & I'm from Rollin'
Janky as fuck so you know my gold is stolen
From the ghettos of Cincinnati Europe to Killa Cali'
I been around the world & ya ya like Puff Daddy
Lookin' for the Cavi' yet caught in a drought
Connected with the Don & copped one from SuaveHouse
Betta bet ya stepped on it cause last year ya slept on her
But now I'm up on her givin' golden showers to my opponents
Grindin' til I'm paid in full
Pledgin' allegiance to them dollar bills
Baguettes on 'em bigger than pit bulls
Only true playas can comprehend what I'm talkin' about
Aiiyo Mack I think I'm over the can loc carry me out

See we down for whatever
It's all about the Cheddar
I put that on my life & the 23rd letter

Everybody get yo' money
Don't worry 'bout ya time zone
Homie get yo' grind on

Yeah Gung Ho Mack 10 with my G homie the Shadiest One
WC yaknowhatI'msayin' cookin that 100% pure Bombay
Caviar bringin' that shit to a 'hood near you nigga, What?
Wessriders baby!!!!! Uhh uhh come on

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Cheddar Lyrics as written by Tristan Jones Lamar (pka "crazy Toones") Calhoun

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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