Hotter than a Puerto Rican momma
Sucking on ice in a sauna
Hotter than a little cheerleader
Throwing back cheap tequila

Hotter than a stolen Rolex
Hotter than late night phone sex
Hotter than the back seat
Of a black jeep on a back street

Oh, Nikki don't stop
Love me so good
I gotta take a week off
Nikki don't stop
'Til I'm outta breath
'Til I'm red hot
Nikki don't stop
Give it all you got
Having you alone
Is like living a dream

Hotter than your swollen lips
Your wet fingertips
Hotter than your blushing face
Pressed against a pillow case

Hotter than your waistline
Moving up and down mine
Hotter than you half open
Half open

Your jean skirt on the floor
My t-shirt hanging on the headboard
Don't get up
There's someone at the door
Don't get up
Nikki gimme more

Oh, Nikki don't stop
'Til our thighs, and our toes cross
Nikki don't stop
'Til I can't breath
'Til I can't believe
What a super freak you are, you are

Oh, Nikki don't stop
I wanna take a week off
I wanna hit the sweet spot
Nikki don't stop

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Nikki Don't Stop song meanings
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    General Comment

    "A lusty, sensuous, modern audio portrait of a tawdry encounter with the infamous Nikki. Even Prince might have felt compelled to pen a sequel to his own classic ("Darling Nikki") had he met the Nikki featured in this erotically-charged song."

    geekusaon February 24, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    "Hotter than your waistline Moving up and down mine Hotter than you half open Half open"


    oL1v1aon December 09, 2006   Link
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    My Interpretation

    After drinking tequila and getting a phone call, the narrator lets his girlfriend Nicola in. After, both are in the bedroom and she gets naked, until she opens her legs for him. Someone knocks on the front door but the couple doesn't care, because the narrator gets naked too and has sexual intercourse with Nicola.

    Oliviakaon July 04, 2017   Link

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