Name is mc and im here to say
I rock the mic with aspestos all up in your face
old school like the one used by Ichabod Crane
and watch me pick my face and spit on this play
I aint even begun to begin
I get up on the microphone and make fun of your friends
im not black dark cause I got your 20s and 10s
and like your biddy wont go down on me in the back of your benz

snap off her bra while she kicks off her keds
put her butt on the bazooka tube and suck suck on her neck
and when im done, yo your mom is next
stackin hoes like the government checks
you gotta go like you sever and ecks
whack mc’s like butterfly effect
yo they came and they went
all their money be spent like the rent
all me money in the pockets of kids
thats why im rock’n this shit
Lickety Split


I read Variety
your box office receipts
are mother fuck’n week
you got nothin to say
you shouldnt fuckin speak

I read Variety
your box office receipts
are mother fuck’n week
you got nothin to say
you shouldnt fuckiiiiiin speak

I got my mind on my money and the rest in escrow
missiles on my wrist like my name was Destro
im whiter than your iPod headphones
name is mc chris so lets go...LETS GO!
I got more rhymes than ol' dirty got cradles
I got more bitches than Madonnas’ got dradles
and when it comes to kickin ass at cable more than able
but I can kick it up a notch at karaoke turn tables
nevermind the lyrics, know that you can hear it
got the Mononoke spirit when you quoted backs a feel us
fuckin chick will come near it
an mc fan endearment
save it like its Ferris in a tram of disappearance
you can beat like coat hangers once used by mommy dearest
but you run em’ and bust it till you know youre hard of hearin
wanna be in the know
gotta crack the code
ghetto blaster by backets across the globe cause I can flow
I got beats galore
got rhymes for days
I got nothing but 100 hurricanes in my way
A.K.A. people say’n “Quiet down and Behave”
fuckin lame like the mother fuckin trucker hat craze


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    General Comment comments!? one of his greatest songs.

    tcwleblancon October 31, 2008   Link

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