Now I’ve realized I’ve seen a body divine.
Beckoning to me to come with mine.
Beckoning its eyes rise away it’s sanctuary
Is not mine
There is a tree in the garden,
sickened, sad, slowly sinking.
There is a tree in the garden.
There is a girl in the gate,
sickened, sad, slowly sinking
There is a girl in the gate.

And I,
how was I to know
it didn't mean goodbye
it meant please don't let me go?
Beckoning its eyes lies away in sanctuary
Beckoning and its eyes rise away…
How was I to know?
It meant please don't let me go

Lyburnum the eyes of a mime
Pulling, making real and tangible the divine invisibility
Pulling its eyes rise away its sanctuary
Is not mine
There are yellow flowers on the lawn
In our ears is a song
Sick, sad. And slowly sinking
This song embodies our tree
There are yellow flowers falling
Lyburnum cover me
Lyburnum cover me
Lyburnum cover me
Lyburnum cover me
Lyburnum cover me

Lyburnum, to sink with you, to be pulled in.
Your sanctuary is this garden, this tree, this lawn just now
Beneath this sanctuary we lie suffocating, sadly sickened by the sinking
Just now I have realized the wits end liberation fly

Lord at wits end,
on a road of selfish people of a bad tongue tied.
The cross of swords and a wreath of dead lilies in a pit are plied.
Constitution, will, power-play forward, and man down in a dump has tried.
The will, but inside him is a girl whose metal collection of pearls
was united
And now she scrambles over the dirt, her dress torn.
Her face, or his, carries a swollen mask of leather worn hand over skeletal line clawing dirt,
she rolls in forlorn
A crowd gathers above the pit - a flower drops – they mourn.

Oh six feet to be under you really did carry my weight.
Although the earth, I confess, is not in me but you in our unhappy state.
He’ll pull you up if you’re not careful, and continue to consecrate
“We live here, kind sir, on ours, and ours, big fine estate.”
And now she stands outside looking at our house through the gate
My, pearl, how you’ve grown wyonchuall roll on down the estate
Mom is here yes mother you are take-all for all did not create
And die did you know six-feet o’ earth between you and I trench & hate

Lord, I am at wits end on a road with selfish people with a bad way
Taken across and up the hill in this stone, stone home I will stay
Taken across and up over and onto this stone
Taken below and under this stone
or across and up
“Take her away,” the old man shrieks,” this wretch, this wretch must go away”
“Oh but she is dead, and she needs her pearls, see how she looks? Look this way”

A crowd gathers above the pit - a flower drops – they mourn.
And the priest gathers over the pit
He collects them over the pit
The separator of god and man and self gathers them over the pit
To sing a song to a separated god
To sing a song to an unholy god
To sing a song to an inhuman god
And for the singing he says
“To lose a young life in these trying times
is truly not an unheard of thing
Ahh, but the false truth
and holy lie of a dead god will surely take out some of the sting.
So please all,
all of us,
let us take up our hymn books and sing!
Rejoice the freedom of my young Christian soul taken under god's holy wing!”


So we're gathered here for our common cause
We're gathered here
To sing to a separated god
We're gathered here
To hide the blind worm truth
This conqueror worm
is your proof
This is our god
This is our song
So please all
All of us let us take up our hymn books and sing
So please all
All of us gathered here
Let us take up our hymn books and sing
Rejoice the freedom of my young Christian soul taken under god's holy wing
Rejoice the freedom of my young soul
taken within mother's warm wing
taken under mother's warm wing
taken under 6 feet of mother's warm wing
Rejoice and listen to the blind worm truth sing
Rejoice the freedom of my spirit
Enabled by Lucifer's wholly mended wing

and sing to our separated god
Our inhuman god
Our unfeeling god
Our unknowing god
Our separated god, our inhuman god

This conqueror worm is your truth
This conqueror worm is your love
This conqueror worm is your acceptance
This conqueror worm is your answer
This conqueror worm is god
This conqueror worm is god

Rejoice the freedom of my spirit
enabled by Lucifer's holy mended wing
Taken across and up
or taken over and down
on this stone home I will stay
Rejoice the freedom of my young Christian soul taken under god's holy wing
and together we will sing
and together we'll sing
we're gathered here
together we should sing
Rejoice the freedom of my spirit
enabled by Lucifer's wholly mended wing
rejoice the freedom
rejoice oh freedom

We have freedom lover
Rest well under mother's warm wing
No longer can you move up and sing
No longer will this dancing song
Your ankles elevated above our mother
Your anger is elevated to a point of living
Freedom lover, we have freedom, rest well under mother's warm wing

Lyburnum cover me
You're singing and I'm being pulled in
This sanctuary is our god and our secret pond
Under this wing
We lie deaf and thinking about the singing
Under this tree this garden this pond is our sanctuary

I have now realized the wit's end liberation fly
is the conqueror worm

Lyrics submitted by omae_, edited by Ouroboros115

lyburnum wit's end liberation fly song meanings
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    General Comment

    Does anyone else sense some irony in these lyrics?

    aren't you angelon February 02, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    I sense some irony. Actually this whole song seems to be filled with irony. It sounds like one of those 'religion is a fraud' songs. Very amazing nonetheless. And I also have no clue what Lyburnum means :(:(:(

    removeyourteethon January 08, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    this is one of my favorite songs of all time. so amazing. the lyrics seem about right too, but i still have no idea what lyburnum means.

    DarkerShadeofWinteron December 02, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    Well, LAburnum is the name of a genus of shrubs. But I don't think that has anything to do with it.

    aren't you angelon December 13, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    Well leave it to someone with my screen name to say something - hehe. The only other place that I have seen the word "lyburnum" is in a poem by a man named Louis MacNeice. I tried to google and find the specific poem but I couldn't find it.

    Also if yall get the vinyl for Lybrunum, it comes with a semi-accurate lyrics sheet.

    Lyburnumon December 31, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    The phrase "six feet under, you really did carry my weight" connects this song to "Memorial," which is about the Vietnam Memorial. I think this is from the perspective of a dead soldier being laid in the ground. He is telling the priest above him that he has got it all wrong. The war is not serving God's justice. If his sacrifice is to have any meaning at all, it will be to force leaders to admit the injustice of war.

    aristotelianon January 02, 2015   Link
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    General Comment

    this song is really incredible, but also kind of disturbing. does anyone know if john vance was/is a schizophrenic?

    snakemistakeson November 06, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    So were they Christian or not?

    Deadtiredon November 08, 2009   Link

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