"Psychopomp" as written by and Jeffrey Scott/chatwood Martin....
You wanted this
So sad to see
The sweet decay
Of ecstasy

And you want it all

A frozen sun
Will guide you there
As shadows hide
The deep despair

I'll give you something more
And you'll fade away
One last kiss before
You fade away

So sleep tonight
In idle dreams
The pain will drown
Your silent screams

And you want it all

I'll give you something more
And you'll fade away
One last kiss before
You fade away
Lives you once adored
Will fade away
Lies you can't ignore
You soon repay
As you fade away

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"Psychopomp" as written by Jeffrey Scott Martin Jeffrey John Burrows

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    General CommentThis is an incredible song and my favorite of all time.

    It's about someones death. A highroller. Someone morally weak and consumed by greed. Someone who lied, cheated and hurt others to get to the top. Someone who "wanted it all". About that person paying for their hidden crimes, the "lies you can't ignore". "One last kiss before you fade away". The kiss of death before fading into oblivion. Hell.

    So much raw emotion in this song. Hatred towards the dying and satisfaction in delivering it. Death enjoys taking this person.

    When I hear this song I picture Death screaming at me. As though I were the individual in question. I've been listening to it for years and it still gives me chills.
    Helpboton April 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAs said by jeff martin on Illuminations, this song is based on a greek myth about someone who was willing to go into the depths of hell to recover what they love. this song is my favorite Tea Party song and is just so full of raw and intense emotion.
    BE_POSon December 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree that it's about death. It's almost like death talking to someone who wasted their life away in self-indulgence and greed. It's in the person's last breaths, and it's as if death's mocking them as they head towards punishment for what they've done.
    naiseboon May 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI always interpreted this song a bit different. Reading other peoples meanings seem to make more sense, but originally I thought this was about someone who wouldn't show their true feelings (not necessarily love) but the other person 'wanted it all', when he/she finally 'gives something more' the other person can't handle it & they fade away.

    The start of the song is like the story being told as if it's already happened, either as a witness or it happening as there former self (almost 3rd person). My only explination for verses is the closed off person is almost dreading letting their true self shine, they know it will happen & it's being pushed out, finally in the last chorus they everything explode & everything happens just as they thought.

    Maybe I'm just trying to fit a meaning around my original interpratation, it's a great song anyway :)
    carrotmageon January 29, 2012   Link
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    General Commentthis song as stated by jeff martin (cannot for the life of me remember where)is influenced by the greek myth of orpheus and eurydice,.orpheus being a demi god (one of the sons/daughters of a god and a 'mortal' woman, apollo being the god or the king of thracian land,and a muse calliope ) orpheus becoming known as the father of songs, the story continues later on about him wooing eurydice only for her to die after her wedding to being bitten by vipers, but the song orpheus sang in grief saddened all the gods allowing opheus to travel to the underworld to rescue eurydice however hades had a condition that she could leave as long as he didnt look at her until they both reached the surface, and as orpheus reached it turned around, forgettingthey both had to be, and then saw her fade away forever
    tim1000000on August 21, 2014   Link
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    General CommentAlso, like many others, this is my favorite song by the Tea Party.
    What about the meaning?
    I always thought it is about drugs. A junkie he knows.
    "I'll give you something more
    And you'll fade away
    One last kiss before
    You fade away"

    Pretty sad.

    But if Jeff claims it is Greek Mythology, who am I to disagree?
    MrWillowon February 25, 2016   Link

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