LEIGH: We measure ourselves in things: objects of wants, objects of pleasure. We spend our lives spending in order to conquer the empty world that sometimes fills our souls and our minds. Loneliness. Isolation. Separated by the social workings of government and culture. We are unconnected. We try to link ourselves together by the things we own and wear. Hypocrite. I am one. For I fall prey to the ease. Wanting. Privileged by a status-having lived without and not wanting to do that again. We make the world suffer because of our selfishness, our laziness, our lack of control. Why can't we give? Without the thought of the earth, without the thought of human cost. We subject ourselves to the pollution and the cancer in order to be more "worldly." And what does civilized mean? Are we really happy or are we really sedated beneath the blankets of consumerism and comfort. Our hands filled with ease. It erupts into an endless field of greed.

ROSS: There's a hidden cost to convenience. Others suffer for your greed. I've finished giving myself excuses. I've promised myself to try. To try to live an honest life. I'll acknowledge the cost of my actions. Open your eyes to the hidden truth. Close your eyes to their marketing. Convenience seems to be our only concern. In search of benefits, ignoring the harms. It's such a pretty picture that's been painted for us and we're all buying into it.

TOM: We've got our eyes on the future with no regard for what's left of our generations and no regard for life.

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too bad spiderman doesn't exist, because there really is a green goblin song meanings
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