"Whatsername" as written by and Billie Joe/wright Iii Armstrong....
Thought I ran into you down on the street
Then it turned out to only be a dream
I made a point to burn all of the photographs
She went away and then I took a different path
I remember the face
But I can't recall the name
Now I wonder how whatsername has been

Seems that she disappeared without a trace
Did she ever marry old what's his face
I made a point to burn all of the photographs
She went away and then I took a different path
I remember the face
But I can't recall the name
Now I wonder how whatsername has been

Remember, whatever
It seems like forever to go
Remember, whatever
It seems like forever ago
The regrets are useless in my mind
She's in my head
I must confess
The regrets are useless in my mind
She's in my head
So long ago

And in the darkest night
If my memory serves me right
I'll never turn back time

Forgetting you, but not the time

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"Whatsername" as written by Frank E. Michael Pritchard

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    General CommentI guess I'll analyze the entire album here...that is if I don't give up midway through. I'm gonna try to look at it only for the plot, not the symbolism...
    To start, the main character's name is JIMMY, and he has 2 aliases: Jesus of Suburbia and St. Jimmy.
    1.) American Idiot: I'm not sure how this song fits into the plot. My guess is that Jimmy is sick of American society, and wants change. Everyone he knows is an American Idiot, and he wants to be different.
    2.) Jesus of Suburbia: This track describes Jimmy's hometown persona, Jesus of Suburbia. He is basically an average teenager. He experiments with drugs, and has a little group that he is the head of. He starts to relize the ignorance of his town in "I Don't Care." In "Dearly Beloved," he talks to someone (possibly himself as St. Jimmy) about his problems, how everyone expects him to be perfect ("Nobody's perfect and I stand accused"). He decides to leave his town (called Jingletown, USA) in "Tales of Another Broken Home."
    3.) Holiday: Jimmy finds himself in a city, and realizes that it, too, has problems of its own. He is in the middle of a protest against "President Gasman." He sees that the president is telling America lies, and wants to defy them. Included in the song is an excerpt of a hypothetical speech from the "Governator," starting with "Zeig heil to the President Gasman..."
    4.) Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Jimmy leaves the protest, and finds himself walking through the crowded streets of the city, but somehow alone. He says it's "home to me" but also wishes "someone up here will find me." It shows the formation of St. Jimmy (I'm walking down the line/ That divides me somewhere in my mind.)
    5.) Are We the Waiting: A continuation of BLVD of Broken Dreams, Jimmy is now truly alone on the streets suring the night. He is now between his town persona, Jesus of Suburbia, and his city ego, St. Jimmy. He decides that his town life was a lie, and becomes St. Jimmy. The track is supposed to be written on Easter Sunday, making it a reference to the Christians waiting for the Second Coming of the messiah, as Jimmy is waiting for his savior.
    6.) St. Jimmy: This is the introduction of St. Jimmy, who is not a different person. He is the same person as Jesus of Suburbia. St. Jimmy iks more edgy and punk. He is arrogant, but a good, rebellious leader. He also does a lot of drugs.
    7.) Give Me Novacaine: A song about drugs. Jimmy is trying to retain his St. Jimmy ego, and is taking more drugs to repress Jesus of Suburbia. Eventually, he is successful.
    8.) She's a Rebel: Jimmy meets Whatsername, who is the rebellious spirit he craves. She is a pparently known "from Chicago, to Toronto" (which really isn't a long distance). She steals his heart and is now holding on to it "like a hand grenade."
    9.) Extraordinary Girl: Jimmy and Whatsername start goind out. Jimmy really likes her, and finds out a lot about her. Even though she is tough on the outside, she really has a lot of problems, and cries when she's alone. This also might be due to relationship problems.
    10.) Letterbomb: Whatsername dumps Jimmy in a letter. She tells him how the city is not rebellious enough for her. She also tell him he's lost his identy, and both his alteregos are false. In the end, she leaves the city to move elsewhere.
    11.) Wake Me Up When September Ends: Jimmy is sad that Whatsername left. The summer months he spent with her are over, and now he is trying to move on. It also has to do with the fact that BJ Armstrong's dad died in September; hence the line "20 years have gone so fast."
    12.) Homecoming: In the first part, Jimmy "kills" his St. Jimmy persona. He then gets a job, which he hates. He has no one at home, as everyone has moved on. He tries convincing everyone he is cool in "Rock and Roll Girlfriend." In the end, he basically says, "Screw it, I'll see you all in hell, I'm going home."
    13. Whatsername: Jimmy reminises on the past, remembering the good times he has with his ex-girlfriend. He still likes her, but he is trying to forget. He ends up forgetting who she was, but not the times they spent together.

    That is the plot of American Idiot. Please leave any questions, comments, or rude remarks on this board. I will probably forget to ever look at them, but what the hell. Thank you, you've been great.
    amazinagain2005on March 28, 2005   Link

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