I had the strangest dream I ever had
As I lay asleep once in my bed
I was in a garden by a fountain
Where tears would make love grow

She kissed me there and my life did start
A Silver bullet in my heart
Now summers old and winters cold
And tears do make love grow

So please come to me
Through the garden,
to the river,
in the valley by the sea
Show me all the scars that show
And tears will make love grow

Sing the smilin' last happy cowboy songs
Until all of the Angels in the heaven they've flown
And there'll be an oasis for our dry rotten faces
And tears do make love grow

And angels lie between your marbled thighs
As spiders explode in your kaleidoscopic eyes
And rain will fall, and wind will blow
And tears will make love glow

So sleep softly, dream of me
Wherever you go
Oh, I'm not dead or buried yet
Tell me so I know


It was the weirdest dream I'd ever had
And if I dreamed that I'd dream
Then I'd dream you right back
Then I'd be there in the garden, down by that fountain where

Tears would make love grow
Where tears would make love grow
Where tears would make love grow

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The Strangest Dream song meanings
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