Buck naked on a train of thoughtlessness
I often hit a crossroads
Meet me at my stream of consciousness, all flows
Get the businessmen out they offices
Artifice is in the air, artistry is in despair
Sicker than an A.I.D.S. patient having kemo therapy
Than a cardiac arrest, cognac is the best drink
To make you think your sick when you only got the sniffles
If and when you hear a record do you get the riddle?
The industry doesn't want you educated
they'd rather have a hit and a fashion statement
FASCISM, they seem to be the only way to reach
the youth today So shut up as I speak (shut up kid)

This is my hook
This is my chorus
This is my hit
It's better than yours

Music is a hook, a catchy beat and a look
A genre, that is on ya for a minute while you're took
There's Britney, Christina, Mandy, N*SYNC
Backstreet, Ninety Degrees, it make's you think
Maybe I'm the next Eminem in the label's eyes
And I'm going make some money off the slim shady enterprise
enter the ability to steal from the industry
Try to start a war so kyprios can gain publicty
No, I ain't going out like that, see
I gotta be original, and an individual
Critical time to use the inner most eye,
They got the money and the power and the criminal mind

This is my hook
This is my chorus
This is my hit
It's better than yours

Freestyle Fellowship, Gil Scott, Jill Scott, Organized Konfusion, Black Star movement,
Swollen Members, Living Ledgends, Sweat Shop Union, De la soul, Common sense,
Tribe Called Quest, Crash Crew, Sugar Hill, Sauks, Kardi, K-os, and to the rest
of the dopeness who don't take payoffs

What happened to KRS-1's philosophy?
When did hip-hop become hyporisy?
Consuming flock of sheep- that's society
We need to change our media immediatley
They breathing shallow words, YOU gonna swallow what you heard?
Who's leading the leaders, who follows followers?
The world is a pitch for corporate advertising
My thoughts ain't a bitch switching commercialising
Sky is falling, the earth is erupting
Don't believe everything you hear, kid, trust me
Gotta question, ask it
Or be a market pitch for a specific demographic
Fourteen and a girl, you're the number one target in the world
Question even me gonna believe a catchy hook?
Have I got substance? I don't know take a look

This is my hook
This is my chorus
This is my hit
It's better than yours

Kyprios 12

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This Is My Hit (Real) Lyrics as written by Moore Coles

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    thanks for correcting it, i just copy and pasted the other one from some website. you have here the unedited version that wasnt released, the radio version has a different eminem part... its and maybe im the next eminem in the labels eyes and i'm a make some money of the slim shady enterprise... um i forget the rest I'll come back and post it when i get the chance

    sundayon May 15, 2004   Link

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