I've based my life on being blind
The scenery is too much to confine
Myself inside this circular room
Searching for a corner to rest my head
I guess we're overrated
The love we had is fading
Cupid should work on markmanship
Because his arrows must've missed

Why do I trust in you?
When I've observed that
The truth lies elsewhere
Far from your tongue
Bleeding gums
You've said too much
Learn from your mistakes
And try again tomorrow.

Sever my hands from your neck
That's the only way you'll breathe again

I've lost that gleam in my eye
And as I look into yours,
It seems your pupils have shrunk,
Dulled all the endings in your nerves.
Break your body is half
and use your skin as blankets
To keep me warm after
All we've been through.

Tell me where to go, now , that we have burned our bridges,
The only sanction we have to let us interact.
Make new friends, but keep the old?
One was silver, the other is cold

Liquify my passion
And drain me into this river
My words have become cement
(they've become cement)
On the surface of the ocean
(scratch the surface)

Make new friends, but keep the old?
One was silver, the other is gold

We'll stay up late, and watch silent movies
Inside my heart...
(I believe in you and I)
We'll stay up late, and watch silent movies
(I still believe, can I believe?)
Inside my heart

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