The world's on heroin
I'm on strike against all this laziness
I try to go for ALL
Despite all these underachievers

From the government to the drive thru guy
Lame results with no reasons why
My only guess - they must be high

I wanna put an end to all of them
But I don't know where to begin
Cuz I'm pretty sure
The world's on heroin

The world's on heroin
Everybody's standing in my way
I try to use my brain
Stupidity's thrown in my face

I'm a coffee guy in a stoner's place
The world keeps turning at a turtle's pace
Get over it - check into NA

If I had my way
I'd prefer if the world was on speed
I'm so sick of the "no can do"
And the failures you can see

But at any rate from the looks of things
Everyone's nodding out but me!

The world's on heroin
Too many lazy morons in my face
The world's on heroin
Everybody acts like a zombie

I'm not saying I'm better than them
I don't have the kind of time to spend
With slacker types trying to be my friend

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World's On Heroin song meanings
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    I can't believe no one has say anything about this song!!! is fucking amazing!!! I love it, The meaning is pretty straigth, I think. I never get tired of listening to it

    undeklinableon August 03, 2005   Link
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    This goes through my head everytime I have to deal with pointless beuracracy, unhelpful civil servants, and general idiocy. It's a classic.

    maddsurgeonon August 24, 2007   Link
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    The literal meaning is pretty obvious, but I think he's kind of singing it tongue in cheek, and trying to say that if only everyone would try a little harder we'd all be better off, but even he can't escape apathy. "I'm on strike against all this laziness" Supposed to be funny in my opinion, going on strike against laziness. "I'm not saying I'm better than them I don't have the kind of time to spend With slacker types trying to be my friend"

    Basically, we all hate our boring jobs, and all that nonsense, and then we all complain when other people don't go the extra mile for US. He wishes everyone would try harder: "I'd prefer if the world was on speed"

    Just a little bit extra I picked up aside from the obvious meaning.

    WizardlyFriendon March 15, 2008   Link
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    I'm a coffee guy in a stoner's place The world keeps turning at a turtle's pace this line just makes me happy its so funny! it makes me wana drink more coffee!

    robsmagicon October 24, 2010   Link

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