What the hell is this?
You said, "It's art, just fuckin' mirror it."
Where did we go wrong?
If not here, where do we belong?
In a shot of sun off an airplane far above her?
In the glint of the foot-burnished manhole cover?
In a light, a sign of one kind or another?
In the gleaming eye of a fighter or a lover?

Sitting here at the Horton's,
so you know this is important.
If not here, then where?
If not now then when?
When a feather's an immovable force?
When the stampede's an obstacle course?
When Ancient Train has hit Ol' Transient Horse?
When we're a Vancouver divorce?

Now that we've hammered the last spike
and we've punched the railroad through,
thought there'd be more to say
thought there'd be more to do.
I love your paintings-don't take your colors away.
I've grown more fearful of them every day.
Swimming up their dark rivers to discover your source,
a source of strange and unrequited remorse.
And I found the end of the world, of course,
but it's not the end of the world, of course.
It's just a Vancouver divorce.
It's just a Vancouver divorce.

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    General CommentVancouver Divorce, yet NO POSTS!? I am absolutely IRATE!!!. This is by far my favorite breakup song ever written and GORD DOWNIE IS THE MAN! Okay, so this one time I was at a concert, and I was standing front row, Gord leaned out, and a drop of sweat fell from his chin, I reached out to catch it in my hand, and okay so none of that story was true, Ive never seen the hip live, but I want to.
    Okay, back to songmeanings. Oh this one is just so damn obvious, tho. It's obvious that this couple bickered a lot, and gord never really knew what he had til it was gone. She left him, but he wasn't surprised.
    You can just feel the damn tension, sitting at Tim Horton's (Canada is filthy with this coffee shop). Very clever lyrics tho "Sitting here at the Horton's, so ya know this is impOOorORrrrrrrrtant"
    Then at the end, Gord regrets it, he doesn't want her to leave. I don't think he means paintings in the literal sense, like she is an artist, but he loves what she does for him.
    THis song just sends freaking SHIVERS oh MAN you have to listen to it.
    ProudesterMonkeyon June 09, 2004   Link

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