Driving into Darlington county
Me and Wayne on the fouth of July
Driving into Darlington county
Looking for some work on the county line

/ G - - CG / G - C G / :

We drove down from New York City
Where the girls are pretty
But they just want to know your name
Driving in to Darlington City
Got a union connection with an uncle of Wayne's
We drove eight hundered miles without seeing a cop
We got rock and roll music blasting off the T-top

/ C - - FC C - FC G - - CG / G - C G / D - - - / / C - - - /

Sha la la, sha la la la la
Sha la la la la la la
Sha la la, sha la la la la
Sha la la la la la la

Hey little girl standing on the corner
Today's your lucky day for sure all right
Me and my buddy, we're from New York City
We got $200, we want to rock all night
Girl, you're looking at two big spenders
Why, the world don't know what me and Wayne might do
Our pa's each own one of the World Trade Centers
For a kiss and a smile I'll give mine all to you
Come on baby take a seat on my fender
It's a long night and tell me what else were you gonna do
Just me and you, we could


Little girl sitting in the window
Ain't seen my buddy in seven days
County man tells me the same thing
He don't work and he don't get paid
Little girl you're so young and pretty
Well, walk with me and yo can have your way
And we'll leave this Darlington City
For a ride down that Dixie Highway

Driving out of Darlington county
My eyes seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
Driving out of Darlington county
Seen Wayne handcuffed to the bumper of a state trooper's Ford

(Refrain as long as it takes)

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    General CommentBecause I-95 runs the entire east coast from Florida to Maine, it's used as a drug run to bring drugs up north from Florida with several pick up spots along the way. Darlington County is one of those spots. The cops have always been on to this, so Wayne's Uncle sends the boys down to make the pick up so he doesn't get busted himself. I had 'a friend' that has made a couple runs like this back in the day.

    The narrator, Bruce, is just a naive, young kid along for the ride, easy money and a good time and maybe doesn't know what exactly Wayne and his uncle are up to.

    The boys are all cashed up, get into town, see a prostitute and are out for a good time. Who knows what them crazy fools will get up to with (what they think is) so much money. This is the problem with sending boys to do this kind of job. Like all boys with cash and too much testosterone they stand out like dogs balls and gather attention.

    What could go wrong? Wayne is the lead but things didn't go as planned or he dumps Bruce to do his deal and make the real money and hangs out with his connection a lot longer than expected. Perhaps it doesn't go quite right and disappears.

    Naive Bruce asks around where his buddy is. Asking the girl at the Police station (in the window) and the County Man but they don't know. Don't get the County man 'he don't work and he don't get paid' thing. Perhaps he doesn't care because they aren't residents or taxpayers of Darlington County.

    Bruce decides to head home with a young pretty thing and drives by Wayne being arrested. It all clicks and Bruce decides to get the hell out of there and head south just in case Wayne decides to narc on Bruce as an accomplice.

    Boys, drugs and money.
    greg106091on October 10, 2015   Link

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