Emcees Paleface and J to the X
a Supahero and a Sidekick without the spandex
frantic bandits with hand-picked slamhits
hockey defense - we tackle you - you get sandwiched

It's sorta nice - MC's come in a bigger and a smaller size
there's shorter ones - and then there's taller guys
if we invading your premises we'd like to apologize
if you hearing this abroad - you about to get colonized

live performances will never stay the same
fuck me - it's Chuck P and Flava Save
with some snow plow knowhow we pave the way
to wake and bake and stay awake's our favourite game

if we were told to leave the stage - we'd stay on
in fact we'll still be here when the dj's gone
we blaze on like Biz Markie and T.J.Swan
hip-hop ain't the only thing that needs a bomb

we're gonna pull an all nighter
downstairs like Al-Qaida
I and I - the righteous fighters
Tonto and Pale Rider

If you got the names wrong we'll have to fix it tighter
make it classified like James Bong and Felix Lighter

It's J and X and Pale and Face like Hale and Pace
we trail and blaze like rail and ways - the needle stays in place
I tried to warn ya but you missed the hint
we drop a scorpion down your back like Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint

Emcees Bud Spencer and Terence Hill
A hot answer: apparent skill
it's not cancer - but damage still
we ransack your home and leave your parents killed

names and sizes: Justin Case and Howie Doem - large
yo - no need to ask - who's in charge
you step to this table - you losing cards
just make sure you take off before the boozing starts

that's using hard narcotics - alcohol burns spleen
Woodward and Bernstein - puff 'til one of us turns green
halfway through the song he grabs a bong - goin' "boeiiing"
the Cunning Linguists - Justin Case and Howie "Doeiiing"

It's the Slapstick Duo with the Rap shit you know
have been thru a coupla rap gigs you know
practice brutal tactics to show your wack shit couldn't grab this Duo

Take it easy - c'mon - it's Howard and Justin
we've both been told our attitudes need adjusting
but it's just the way some of these cowards are busting
big money bling - what do you think, Howard? Disgusting!

Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kidd
language bandits make you run frantic
with as much blasphemy as one can spit
I'd still hold the mic if I was one-handed

Johnny Rotten - Sid Vicious - We gotta move sudden
you lose blood and lie there - thinkin' who's hotter
two nutters - Jake and Elliott - the Booze Brothers
with more lines than a speed freak who stutters

the Ringling Brothers - drink Bailey's til we Bar numb
together like Spanish Parliament and an ETA car bomb
Apollo and Starbuck on our way to stardom
had to swallow some hard luck occassionally starving

out-of-control, apeshit like retarded bikers
in control of the spaceship like Picard and Riker
on a continuing mission - yo - we sorta hyper
fly like Goose and maverick - ready for the cypher

I am - quite precise - with the words - I spit
on ya! Pete Nice and MC Serch type shit
urgently run to the record store and purchse this
in the Heat of the Night like Chief Gillespie and Virgil Tibbs

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