Abandoned ship, Thursday night
The crickets wings make it fly
But bedroom walls keep secrets from me.
Go back to days when novacaine
Was just a drug to numb the pain
When you'd see me and i'd see through you

Well don't you want to
Find a way to make things better?
Well don't you want to
Find a heart to piece together?

Life support, just skips a beat
The irony stalls your trembling
But hospitals are just too damn cold.
Go back to nights when company
Was no different than lonely dreams
When you'd see lies and i'd see secrets

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Ambulance To Apathy song meanings
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    To me this song is about sitting in your room and and realizing how hurt you are about a particular issue..and then the chours "well don't you want to find a way to make things better" is that cry out for help..when u really truly want to go up to someone thta is causing you problems and just have everything resolved. That's what it means to me.

    ourtimeisfadingon May 02, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    This song is very great off their EP i should know since I just got it a little while ago because the lyrics

    But bedroom walls keep secrets from me. (while he's trying to conceal stuff he doesn't even know what he is doing the wall watches it all) Go back to days when novacaine Was just a drug to numb the pain ( pain used to be numbed by how much he took medz or soemthign and it used to work but now it has failed and now the medication because of how much he's used it.)

    Well don't you want to Find a way to make things better? (you don't want to heal this realationship you just gave up and surrendered so easily to pressure.)

    Well don't you want to Find a heart to piece together? ( since you don't want to make this any better find somethign else to piece back together)

    Life support, just skips a beat ( your girlfriend or boyfriend gives up on you so it skips a beat because you aren't with them and then somehow life goes on with it) The irony stalls your trembling But hospitals are just too damn cold. Go back to nights when company Was no different than lonely dreams ( when dreaming to youself at home was just all your company you had which was yourself) When you'd see lies and i'd see secrets ( when you see the lies of what i am I see what you are trully hiding from me)

    ryang11r0yon May 09, 2004   Link

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