Its always been up to your friends
They'll make your mind up
For you
The popularity's gone to you're head
Plus I still don't
Ignore you
You ran for school election
You even get my vote
And did you know
My favorite past time
Was poetry
And you studied what I wrote

Just because I'm nerdy
And my friends flirty
Doesn't mean that I swing way
You've got complications
And a reputation
Wouldn't want to get in your way
Or anyway

This mornin' you walked past my door
Just like a daydream
But much more
I followed you round to the store
And I was shell shocked when I saw

You and your friends
Were smokin'
It always makes me choke
And did you know
I'd do anything to help you
But I wouldn't take a toke

Just because I'm nerdy
And my friends flirty
Doesn't mean that I swing way
You've got complications
And a reputation
Wouldn't want to get in your way
Or anyway
Or anyway yeah

You said my words were beautiful
It almost made you cry
The marks on the wall
Were jaded I wonder why

Just because you're nerdy
And your friends are flirty
Doesn't mean she won't swing your way
She's got complications
And a reputation
Go ahead and stand in her way
Or anyway [Repeat x 2]

Or anyway

Lyrics submitted by nutty dolphin

Nerdy Lyrics as written by James Bourne Charles Robert Simpson

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    General Commentnerdy...awww look quiffporn, theyve wrote a song about you!
    alfrimon July 05, 2004   Link
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    its only coz their just breaking some crappy tradition of manufactured pop boy bands. ever heard of the beatles??? they played their own instruments too.
    as for the lyrics their like 20 year olds trying to have some fun, honestly not everyone has to write 'deep meaningful songs' coz if they did then honestly everyone would be bored to death.
    another thing, why do you just presume that busted fans dont like other bands, were not as narrow minded as you think, i personally am a fan of every punk band since the sex pistols and i like 60s and some rock.
    and BIG DEAL if some poeple like busted alot, everyone has a favorite band, some poeple like to obbsess so let them.
    and also i would like to say that you guys obviously have no life,if you did you wouldnt bother wasting your valuable time commenting on bands that you dont like, if you dont like them just shove it coz no one cares.
    * we should ship them to america and not let them back, the americans will love them and i dont have to listen to them evry 10 mins on the radio or tv, bunch of losseres.*
    darth woody did you ever wonder WHY their on the radio every ten minutes?? its because people want to hear them, if you dont no ones forcing you to listen to it, just press that little button on your radio which has 'power' written on it
    and -||PunkRockDude||- you wouldnt know talent if it bit you in teh nose, and if you think they dont play their own instruments and write their own songs what in gods name makes you think your favprite band writes their own songs??? is it because they say so, well busted say so too so just screw it, and for the last time we do not like busted coz tehir good looking, if that was all we cared about we wouldnt bother wasting our money buying their singles etc
    in conclusion if you dont like busted you shoudlnt even be here..DUMBASS
    sageon December 20, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is HILARIOUS. I LOVE it!
    Krystleon April 23, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI don't actually get what this is about. (Yes i know,i'm thick!) I mean,on their first album,they had loser kid and i think this is about the same thing when you think about it
    Kaydieon May 07, 2004   Link
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    General CommentWhat it's basically about (for me, anyway), is this girl that they like, but she's popular and basically out of their league, and she thinks that whoever it is that's written it is gay, hence the lyrics:
    "Just because I'm nerdy
    And my friends are thirty
    It doesn't mean that I swing that way"
    And then they pluck up the courage to give the girl the poetry that's been written about her, only to find out that she's gay and just like the guy, and he's telling her to learn from his mistakes and just go for this girl.
    That's my interpretation anyway.
    nutty dolphinon May 08, 2004   Link
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    General CommentGod, these guys couldn't suck more.

    The only possible way they could have redemed themselves on this song would have been by rhyming the word "election" with "erection" (ok, it would have made me smile while I was burning postes of these tossers), but they didn't even do that.
    quiffpornon May 16, 2004   Link
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    General CommentWow, I wish I could write comments as intellectual and deep as yours...

    Seriously, erection rhyming with election? What are you, eight? In fact, I'd have expected an eight year old to have written something better than that.

    By the way, a little tip: I'd go and see a doctor about that nasty case of Tourette's you seem to have developed, that could get nasty if left unchecked.
    nutty dolphinon May 23, 2004   Link
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    General CommentUmmm, just one minor qualm, these guys are British and yet they're talking about school elections...Britain doesn't have school elections! Oh yeh, and these guys are terrible.
    folk_foolon June 08, 2004   Link
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    General Comment"Wow, I wish I could write comments as intellectual and deep as yours... " - Yeah, but you can't, so fuck off and stop boring the shit out of everyone.

    folk_fool, thats because they are a bunch of dick holes, who have tried so desperately to rip off american punk culture that they haven't even taken the time to adapt it to fit.

    It's pathetic how they have tried to copy the US punk 'punks -vs- jocks and preps' style shit, that only works in america, because jocks don't actually exist over here, it's fucking stupid.

    Terrible really isn't the word...
    quiffpornon June 09, 2004   Link
  • 0
    General Comment1. quiffporn: If you'd read the comments after that sentence, you would realise I was being sarcastic.

    2. folk_fool: I don't know what kind of school you went to, but in my school we did have elections for House Captains, Head Boy, Head Girl, Class Representaives etc.
    nutty dolphinon June 12, 2004   Link

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