here we go around the world
we spin around on the turnstiles
we create

here we are in caravan
blinders up high were the dreamers

and don't forget you're the only one
(you're the only one)
you hold your kite on a string

don't sleep too long
cause everything you need is right here
don't sleep too long
pleasant dreams but please don't sleep too long
everything you need is right here
don't sleep too long
pleasant dreams but please don't sleep too long

here we are in candyland
one million dreams are realizing everyday
here we are in apples corps
four million feet walk right by me everyday
here we are in old New York
ten million eyes stare right through me

and don't forget you're not the only one
(not the only one)
who turned your life all around?

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    My InterpretationSo, essentially I think this song is about life and existence.

    In the verses song the narrator guides us through his thoughts while he travels around, experiencing the world through his perspective (the only reality we can ever really know). Touring in a van, walking around NYC, contemplating the complexities of existence all while, perhaps, tripping on acid.

    And while the narrator acknowledges the importance of these insights and experiences (these dreams), but he also stresses that what you'll find what you really need and what's most important right here, in ordinary everyday life. Acid and psychedelic drugs are great, but don't spend too much time trying to escape the one life you have while you have it.

    Also in the bridges he stresses two things in particular:

    1. YOU and only you are in control of your anchor in reality. You gotta know when to bring that kite back to the earth.
    2. So many people have contributed to the person who you are today: parents, siblings, teachers, friends, strangers on the bus stop. Think of all the good conversations you've had with people who love and care about you. You owe it to these people to be present in reality. Don't burn out and spend all your time in la-la land, your family and friends need you just as much as you need them.

    TL;DR Acid is great, but it's not something to be indulged in all of the time and it's certainly not what's most important.
    ghostboyon January 23, 2014   Link

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