We know something you don't know, and if we don't share then we don't grow.
Unabomb to set the whole world on fire!
Yeah! We make you feel the heat, this little slippery lift of my guilty crease, ill-speech, stills a bleach 'till it builds and rebuilds the beat.
Moma builds the beat, ilcomplete, only the wonders of dark can propel and dispell the sea.
Turn the moments into this fill the beat, I reapeat, the turn the moment was when the yelled retreat on the beat, my brain cells a tweak from insane levels of heat from the fish with the carnivorous teeth.
Finessing da shot, connecting the dots, right on the spot we making the clock etched up so high so fexible not.
Rocked up a detective come and inspect the spot, and if he did not?
I know we're not hot, and singin' the shop, whatever he say, reason we're rockin the spot.
I secure my surface, the perf is out, at the beat you hop cu the verse is pop.
Electrical burnout, we turnout, fast and furious flames, you'll get the word out.
You heard about what we 'bout, come to watch the word of mouth turnin' out without a doubt.
No cu always speakin' out.
We won't last as fast as the past feel the blast, of the whole world livin' like outcasts.
Heat up the cypher yo eat up the surry puffs, spark up the place with mikes to start a fire!
YO! The format is down pat, lets ya shownin' dat its da akill charlietuna unabomber track, we always give that snare warfare rap, 5,4,3,2,1, time to blow black (x2)
This is the soul jam thinkin the jayfer the whole jam witness the angle of Bobby Cooltrain, with a remainder, dat whole jam tickle me jayfer game where you can build, invent your fame.
My task is to tryin' to excel past the L past the tremor and blitz that spell crash.
And throughout the foul trash absorb the shell blast, like I was the bombed hotel in Belfast. BOOM!
Uh, my rhythm revealed like I had failed, pushing it to the limit when I serving 'em well.
Yo cousin Gale, rolled up another ale, when Ken funk tough like mail.
Five hands on experience, no relentlessness, top notch deliverence sound boy tennor ship.
Protect the fame in the name of the innocent, spork the plane hot brain you can't steal the ship.
I wasn't in the ship just in a test tube I flow like the most sensitive faucets in restrooms, bleeding flesh wounds, pep tunes, you may think I'm makin' the rest soon, but until then we live in cold play,
I cradle rock the mike like Rebecca De Mornay.
And so some say, they better not tip the waiter the wrong way.
Chorus (x2)
We know something you don't know, and if we don't share then we don't grow.
You da bomb to set the whole world on fire.

Man! Where is that music comin from?
I don't know, but it's got the whole wolrd vibratin' man!
I kid! Charlie Tuna,
Charlie and Tuna fish, what about the other member of the band?
Dj Format...You da bomb!

Further Extension:
I want you to know that your getting better.
I don't care what everyone's been saying.
Your getting better.
They're the ones who are getting worse.
They don't like what you've been doing.
They wouldn't be saying what they've been saying, if they want you to stop.
They want you to be the way they are, and to stay that way.
So, son, don't get nervous and start asking for help, that's excatly what they want you to do.
Make it on your own, the way you've been doing.

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