Necronomicon is coming

Mass murderer, strangler
Wig splitter, mangler
Blood suckin' vampire
Dark Lotus, king of fire

Swing off your ceiling fan
And jump like an ape
And stomp on your head
Until it pops like a grape

And now you flat line
Cause I shot your face nine times
All you see is bright white lights
Then you feel your heart stop
Well bro, good day as any to die alright?
I don't give a muthafuckin' fuck
Bbbye bye

Sittin' on a tree branch like a crow
I'll hawk your every move
Droppin' down on muthafuckas backs
And twist they heads like screws

Fuck your electric chair
I don't care, bring it on bitch
C'mon, crack an egg on my head
I'll fry you an omelette

Deep up in the woods naked
I do my fire dance
Around the pit I hop
With my skull, drums, and Voodoo chants

If you try duplicate a DNA
It'll never take shape, it'll only mutate
See the fetus with a microphone
Three arms, two brains, and only one leg (Only one leg)

Shoot me
C'mon, blow a hole in my lung
I'll lick out the hole
When I swallow my tongue

Left alone in a world
Where hate and anger's the key
You can tell the judge you was recreatin'
All that shit you see on TV

I fiend for the unclean
Let a unseen, need a obscene
Make your ass bleed to the extreme
What a dream mean, when you wake up screamin'?
With a demon suckin' on your dick like semen

Bullets piercin' through your skull
Ram my fist into your jaw
Retract my hand, release your teeth
Your chiclets fall into the street

Pull your eyelids over your head
Staple 'em to you skull
Drip bleach into your eyes
As I face fuck your girl

This bread I eat, this salt I swear
As I inflame myself with prayer
There is no grace, there is no guilt
This is the law, do what thou will

A cup full of chicken blood
Three shapes of a monkey paw
I'll have you cuttin' through
Your own arm bone with a hacksaw

Bone's exposed from the skin
Blood drips from innocence
Pullin' lungs up out of chests
Leavin' bodies where they rest

The voices in my head are whisperin', listen
You must kill them
Hammer to the head, they family gonna miss 'em
Kill all of them

When we attack, we attack like a swarm
Punch you through your face
Rip off your neck
I play my rhythm on your vocal chords

I walk on your ceiling
And drop thread in your mouth
Let poison drip down it
And silently take you out

One bee, protectin' the hive
We stay alive
I'm on overdrive, with my axe
Will you survive?

Fuck I'll formulate a plan
Reflex come and take control
Dip my hand in broken glass
And pull your heart out through your butthole

My eyeballs are black
My tears drip like oil
I fuck holes in my yard
And grow children from soil

Through the eyes of the dead
They come back alive
And rob the air out your lungs
Now I see through your eyes

Cyanide, do the body right
A muthafucka can't hide cause I'm in your mind
I'ma finna bring the die
Cock back, never aim, just let it ride

Scientists study me
But they always quit
Cause I eat through my butthole
And talk nothin' but shit

Dark Lotus devastation
Murder without no premeditation
Demons from beyond the earth
Creepin' up on out the dirt

This bread I eat, this salt I swear
As I inflame myself with prayer
There is no grace, there is no guilt
This is the law, do what thou will

Poison us with their conception
Life we follow their deception
I look at my reflection
God's resurrection

This bread I eat, this salt I swear
As I inflame myself with prayer
There is no grace, there is no guilt
This is the law, do what thou will

This bread I eat, this salt I swear
As I inflame myself with prayer
There is no grace, there is no guilt
This is the law, do what thou will

God's resurrection
God's resurrection
God's resurrection

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