No soul over body
No body without soul
No brain, no information
No vision, no protection

No church in politics
No profit in religion
No suffering without cost
All I believe is freedom

No minds without solutions
No laws without our vote
No lies in conversation
Handle who you provoked

Cannot be, cannot feel
Cannot think, cannot see
Cannot live in dignity
Our life, our way

We are tired of being denied
We are sick of being sick
We are feeding all our anger
We are tightening up our fist

We are failing to prevent
Our fate from disillusion
We are failing to protect
Our lives from full destruction

We are bowing all our heads
To doubtful leaderships
We are moving all our trust
To judge what is unjust

Cannot be, cannot feel
Cannot think, cannot see
Cannot live in dignity
Our life, our way

Exploitation, segregation
All comes crashing down
Exploitation, segregation
All that is a falling nation

Cannot be, cannot feel
Cannot think, cannot see
Cannot live in dignity
Our life, our way

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Vox Populi Lyrics as written by Igor Cavalera Andreas Rudolf Kisser

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Vox Populi song meanings
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    General Comment

    Fuck me what a riff, anyone who thinks Sep were better in the Max era must be deaf, or just have an opinion I do not agree with

    GruntFucK-GrinFucKon June 07, 2006   Link
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    My Interpretation

    Vox populi is Latin for "voice of the people", and the term is used in broadcasting to infer an interview with a member of the public.

    The song's lyrical themes are very much about not standing idly by and washing your hands of society's ills. We must all stand in aspects of expectations of society, especially freedoms.

    The part from the "We are bowing our heads ..." onwards very much to me speaks largely of politicians and leaders of today (very relevant to someone like Trump too at the moment). A leader very much sprouting separation and segregation ... we do not learn from our past mistakes however.

    sokornyon September 27, 2016   Link

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