Excuse me while I put I knife out of my back
How could I ever trust a person like that
Along side the slow is someone moving faster
Behind the warm image is a cold cold bastard

Corporate liberal bullshit ruling fucking class
Take your fucking money and shove it up your ass
Take your lies I've had enough of you
And all the shit that you put me through
I'm injured


I look for the truth its getting hard to find
Money grabbing dragon and the tie you hide behind
I'm so fucking stupid with you I was a buyer
I believed in you you deceiving liar
Set me fucking free

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Injury Lyrics as written by Timothy Armstrong Roger M. Freeman

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Injury song meanings
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    This song is badass. Rancid is the shit!

    MuRdErDoLLz_PuNkon August 29, 2002   Link
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    this song isn't one of my favorites. probably because he says fuck so much. it has such a meaning in some other songs like hyena. that used to give me chills down my spine when he would go "there aint' nothin you can say that's gonna change my mind... fuck you" but in this one.... i don't know about this one

    ryan_horstmanon June 15, 2003   Link
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    the reason he says fuck so much is 'cus he's angry. thats what most people do when they're angry, they cuss for no reason and in random places. I think that helps make this song's meaning come out more. shows how pissed he is.

    acidmaniacon April 21, 2007   Link
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    ryan your a mong!

    acid u got it 1 mate sorted

    Dippyon July 05, 2008   Link

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