I could not fit in
I was the one who got caught
I was the one who got realized
I was the one who got dropped
Shut out banished and locked away
The knife that did me in I was carry to this day

Crossing the bridges in the land of the forgotten

Distrust existed that I never saw
Deep seated trust I was a victim of


Unspoken among the more privileged or the so called
I was not good enough not good enough at all
At first out of loneliness I tried to conform
But all that bullshit just left me alone

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Rejected Lyrics as written by Timothy Armstrong Roger M. Freeman

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Rejected song meanings
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    This song means to me that b/c punks look like trouble means they or means that we are discriminated against b/c we think differently

    LEFTOVERxCRACKon May 27, 2002   Link
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    i agree with you on that one LEFTOVERxCrack, people think how you look is who you are, but its really not like that at all...for instance preps look conceitd and mostly they are but some arent, some of them are nice, just b/cuz punks look tough and hardcore doesnt mean they are mean, but its really not like that at all...anyway great song

    Swing Set Girlon September 02, 2002   Link
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    i feel what both of you are sayen. and i can relate to this song b/c i know (as a fellow punk) i have been rejected b/c i am the unknown. and i even tried to "fit in" once. it didnt work. so i made some friends that were like me. and its all good now. but i still get a lil deppressed and mad when i remember being rejected b/c, as the line "The knife that did me in I carry to this day " says,it always will be with you and it will never go away. katie

    MxPxgirlon April 11, 2003   Link
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    yea that song describes alot of me, ive allways been an outcast and once i did try to conform once also.

    Unkownon April 09, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    An autobiographical song about being turned down for major label record contracts.

    Nope. It's about social rejection, obviously. This is easily my favorite Freeman-sung Rancid song, I totally prefer his 40-a-day growling to Lars 'Rod Stewart' Fredricksen (or however its spelt)

    WavinGerbson June 09, 2005   Link
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    Well it doesn't seem like this is about being rejected because he's punk specifically. Rather I think he's talking about being from a lower socio-economic class, or otherwise having a personality that doesn't fit in with the world of the upper class, or with those with white-collar aspirations who mimic the mannerisms of the upper class (with strict dress codes, speech rules, behaviour codes, etc). Punks are one example of a group of people who often have personalities and general behaviours and lifestyles that make it almost impossible for them to fit into any social niche that will give them any sort of economic success or mainstream acceptance. There are many other types of people who also have this problem and who find themselves perpetually marginalised despite their desires and efforts to conform... They just can't, they always retain an appearance of being "sketchy" or "ghetto" or something of the sort that causes more successful people to distrust them.

    Um, in other words... It's about not fitting in. :)

    The "distrust" and being "unspoken among the priviledged (ie ignored?)" and being just "not good enough" makes me think that he can't move up in the (mainstream) world. The part where he says he was the one who got caught, dropped, etc makes it sound like he's being negatively singled-out in a workplace (ie caught doing something wrong, fired), or possibly that he just can't behave in a way that doesn't get him in trouble.

    orangefriendon April 08, 2007   Link
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    First off. I totally agree with orange on this. At first I didn't look at it like that at all, but now that I take a step back and look at it. I can see exactly what you mean.

    Secondly. Nephos. Dude. You have no right to be calling them idiots because they specified what kind of rejection. Look at the comment box. 'What does this song mean to YOU?' They're totally entitled to their opion and should be able to express it with a jackass calling them idiots. Think before you speak dude.

    otrpnkon August 16, 2007   Link
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    Idiots. The song isn't about being a punk. It's about rejection in general. They don't talk about their "punk" style or anything. The song is called "Rejected," not "Rejected Because We're Punks."

    Just like someone can be rejected for being crippled or having a big head or funny voice or not being very smart, people will reject others for being different in ways that may seem to be overlooked, but apparently are not. "Distrust existed that I never saw, Deep-seeded distrust I was a victim of."

    As I said, nothing to do with being a punk. It could be applied to anyone that is rejected for being different.

    nephoson September 28, 2004   Link

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