verse 1
Yo I'm sick of this, nah scratch that, I'ma stick with this, cause on the microphone, my shits rediculous, the wickedest emcees don't wanna test me, cause to be honest, alot of these rappers don't impress me, and beyond this, so many styles it's like I'm schizophrenic, I'ma change the game like when the shot clock was invented. Intended to deceive me, the attempts were cheesy, believe me, I'ma make this rap shit look easy. I've been in the cut for too long, I gotta move on, cause all these haters and critics need to be proved wrong. Through the days so much time I threw away, but now I lock it down I'm in the lab with super playin, and cats are mad as hell, it ain't hard to tell they want me gone, they toss their pennys in the wishin well, yo but I'm still standin, I'm high like and eagle though, and dont know where the fuck I'm landin and it's...

My time to shine
I'm droppin all these flows so that everybody knows that it's
My time to shine
I be the chillest cat
flippin the illest raps
My time to shine
I'm droppin all these flows so that everybody knows that it's
My time shine

verse 2
Yo it's my time, and I'm blazin like high times, now my time, I flip some fly rhymes. So thick with soul, it's like I'm spittin gold. I'm gettin open like we just ran a pick and roll. These cats smokin
Fuck my piece of pie, I want the whole bakery


verse 3
Yo I was cursed to shine, like a diamond in the earth to find, while other cats frontin like they standin first in line, and I was last in line, so to pass the time I flashed the rhyme somehow I became a mastermind. From the darkest night look into the light. You'll find me in the test I'm straight up rockin on the mic, that's right. While some cats only half right, yo like they tryin to like a hash pipe, with a fuckin flashlight. I try to catch like, and be unique, and when I speak I put my arms up and my whole world up in these beats. (So what are you gonna do with your first million?) I'll buy a buildin, flip it make a killin and I'm chillin. When yall are illin, like the man and plan to scam, yo me and the fam, yo we off to Amsterdam, we off to neverland, like Peter Pan with a plan to cut up the jam like Edward scissors hands.

chorus x2

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