chorus x2
Here we go, I know, we can't stay here no more, we gotta roll, and be gone, we've been in here just a little too long.

verse 1
Yo it's late night, and I'm all up in the place like, the whole place hyped, but somethin ain't right. I pay no mind to the bad vibes, because I'm deep in the V.I.P. and mad high, and the D.J. bumpin these tracks that for rad, yo the beats fat, yo believe that, a hijack that ain't done, not yet, didn't even see the beef come till they got sent. Then this shit erupted, kids scuffling over nothin, pushin n' shovin till the bullets start buzzin. People buggin, yo bitches be screamin, everybody all up in the place starts leavin, and the whole jam turns to a stampede and I turn to my man like it's over, let's leave. Fives is comin we got trees and cake, yo it's high mother fucker I believe we escape.

chorus x2

verse 2
I walked to the corner away from the spot, there's this girl on the block and she's all in my jock, she's hot. She got her friends with her, and she sayin, she's really feelin me and they like my D.J., so we say, we could kick it at your crib and, take it easy, for a little bit. Up in the condo doin all sorts of things, with no clothes on yo and then the doorbell rings, it's like "ugh oh," yo it's her man and his crew, the same cats blastin gats at the venue, them dudes, are gonna be all sorts of pissed, so we gotta be out this shit quick and split, cause we can stay and rumble, or we can run like hell, yo and I ain't Biggy, I got no story to tell. Yo so why should we wait, and try our fate? Yo fuck it lets break down the fire escape and...

chorus x2

I get in the cab and call my man on his cell, he said the whole camps back at the hotel. We get to the room to get up with the clique and as we walk up in the spot, yo it's crowded as shit, it's all good, yo we got girls and trees, a bunch of heads I don't know, but it don't worry me. I go downstairs, just to get some fresh air, the desk clerkes there screamin "cops are comin, you're outta here." It turns out some of the kids we didn't know, they went and looted rooms on the very same floor, and then they traced that stupid shit back to our room so the pigs are comin, and they'll be here soon, so in the low, I tell all my people to break, it's all good though, the hotel is under a fake. And leave them other dicks and the cops up in the standoff, and as we ran off, I laughed my ass off. (haha)

chorus x2
chorus x2

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