She moves like and angel
And seven evening stars
Dance through the window
Of her universal house

He voice a crystal echo
Lies humming in your soul
So patiently awaiting
For your ears to behold

She ripples on the water
Leaves diamonds on the shore
And fish from every distance
Watch her ocean cellar door
Her breath a warm fire
In every lovers heart
A mistress to magicians
And a dancer to the gods
And a dancer to the gods

Her clothes are made of rainbows
And twenty thousand tears
Shine through the spaces
Of her golden ochre hair
Ooh my babe I want you
And on my life I swear
My conscience will I follow you forever
If you meet me everywhere
Yes if you if you meet me everywhere

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Angelsea Lyrics as written by Stevens

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Angelsea song meanings
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    General Comment

    Cat Stevens is not one to burden listeners with unnecessary obscurity. Angelsea is a straightforward tribute and love song to the Earth's ocean. The masterstroke of this song lies in its celestial opening which instantly notes how the waters of our planet are unique, precious and spiritual. Verses that follow celebrate specific aspects of the seas that inspire and cradle life. This song is an underrated wonder. There is no other like it. I do wish some lyric site would lay out the chorus of this song. It's likely a syncopated fa-la-la, but my brain tries to hear words whenever I listen to this. P.S. Just love the drum work in Angelsea.

    McLlachon May 11, 2019   Link
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    General Comment

    Funny song, but good. Reminds me of mythology for some reason.

    TheUniversalon April 06, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    Ever since I was 16 and first heard this song, it was the song I always felt would describe my feelings of the woman of my dreams.

    kcflyeron August 14, 2011   Link
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    Song Meaning

    Quantum Mechanics 101. "Seven evening stars" = solar system. "dance thru the window of her universal house"= the threshold of universal consciousness. "her voice a crystal echo" = all matter and energy are waiting vibrations. "So patiently awaiting for your ears to behold" = to become real only when they are observed. "She ripples on the water" = waves of probabilities "Leaves diamonds on the shore" = create reality "Fish from every distance watch her ocean cellar door" = for all living things "A mistress to magicians" = is quantum entanglement a magic trick? "and a dancer to the gods"= or gods entertainment? "Her clothes are made of rainbows" = photons refracting thru a prism "20,000 tears shine thru the spaces of her golden ochre hair" = molecules in time and space "My conscience will follow you forever if you meet me everywhere" = consciousness is everywhere.

    Therefore, Angelsea = a celebration of universal consciousness. Among his first use of the "electron" synthesizer. The rhythmic oscillation of electrons is what holds this song together. Amazing!

    GeoKapon October 17, 2016   Link
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    General Comment

    her cloths are made of rainbows(rainbows have tiers of color. red orange yellow green blue violet,, ) and 20,000 tiers shine threw the spaces of her golden ocer hair(her cloths are made of 20,000 tiers of rainbow)(her hair is a golden ochre color kind of reddish gold)

    Counterclockwerkon December 25, 2019   Link
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    General Comment

    i actually asked him candidly when my friend interviewed him on texas radio kzew back in the 70's maybe 60's

    but i was shot in the head and i cant remember now.. maybe it will come to me. a terrible wast let me guess..

    She moves like and angel
    <her balance and grace is so perfect that she moves very smoothly>

    And seven evening stars <the word "and" = is used in its form that is synonymous with the word "also" or the phrase "furthermore",,not like the form of the word "and" that is synonymous with the word "with">

    Dance through the window <but as well as the peculiar stars moving that way, there are actually 7 evening star sized stars that do a real live dance that are continuously bobbing around outside her house and can be seen threw the window of her house which is the size of a universe>

    Of her universal house

    He voice a crystal echo <her he is actually mis spelled for some reason,, her,, "her voice as being a crystal echo,, lies humming in you soul when y ou are not consciously aware of its actual existence there in your soul.. but it is there in your soul and it is not bothering you. but you somehow subconsciously know its there and you treasurer it's existence and endeavor to perpetuate it,, to perpetuate the existence of the thought of actually perceiving "her voice" which is a "crystal echo">

    Lies humming in your soul

    <( this voice of her's is actually a beautiful sound that you have waited to hear all your life perhaps maybe even some congenital manifestation inhabited from Adam and eve or something maybe since the time of the verry creation of man by god)..>

    So patiently awaiting For your ears to behold

    <when she does use her voice the manifestation of it t hats embedded in your soul when the sound of her voice actually enters your ears and your brain interprets it into thought and you consciously hear it in real life, you know that it's that incredible thing actually happening as you behold it in real life>

    She ripples on the water <this part may be a bit for adults but it seems she produces vibrations of love i guess feels like your completely enveloped by her love like water>

    Leaves diamonds on the shore <cum? maybe i'm a bit out there on this one>

    And fish from every distance <all the horny men>

    Watch her ocean cellar door <watch her drip from the crotch lets say>

    Her breath a warm fire In every lovers heart

    <miss spelled again,, "her breath'll(contraction of "breath will") warm the fire in every lover's heart" people who submit to the full effect of love without restraint because they believe that we are created by go and in his image and he loves everything with an intensity that we can not perceive because he made us less perfect that god is>

    A mistress to magicians <she is a lover like a wife to magicians but is not married to them>

    And a dancer to the gods And a dancer to the gods <mis spelled,, "and dancer to the god" she is an actual goto dancer for the almighty god who loves her specially(as he does every thing)(this line is kind of superfluous but is actually an intensifier that is part of an escalation of cat stevens highest point of expression in this song>

    Her clothes are made of rainbows <he cloths are so elegant that they are actually constructed from actual rainbows like in the sky in the sun after a storm>

    And twenty thousand tears < the rainbow cloths she wears ,, actually have 20,000 actual layers(tears) of these actual rainbows..(not tears t hat you cry, but like tears on a Terraced farm,, like levels on a slope( to prevent the land from washing away from the erosion cause by rain to unimproved farm land) >

    Shine through the spaces Of her golden ochre hair <her hair is between an "ochre"(red) color and a "golden"(metallic bright yellow) color ,,, (these colors were standard indexes of color before gel filters and synthetic colors were discovered around 1920, ochre is a red color of the inner wood of redwood and spruce trees, it is eye catching ly beautiful and a noteworthy natural color) anyway, the hair must be very long extending to her feet and the light from the rainbows that the "dress constructed of rainbows" emits, can be seen threw the spaces between the locks of her super beautiful colored hair" (rendering an effect i guess)>

    Ooh my babe I want you <cat stevens feels like he has shared enough at this point about her beauty to simply move on and express how mush he loves her and how it is affecting him in his heart(she must be like Pamela Anderson standing right there for him to touch if he only had permission)>

    And on my life I swear <and to intensify the next line of the song so he will not be forsaken in his declaration that this song is all about, he offers his life as collateral as a guarantee that he is actually feeling this directly to her in real life threw this song>

    My conscience will I follow you forever If you meet me everywhere <this is one sentence "My conscience will I follow you forever If you meet me everywhere" (he will always be consciously aware of her exact gps location coordinators even if she is where he can see her and wouldn't normally have to envision her because he adores her that much)>

    Yes if you if you meet me everywhere <repeating to clarify and intensify the reality that he means it exactly like he has put it in this song>

    (i love this song too cat is so dynamic.. his melody and strumming style and lyrics are very good, arguably the best and one of the best and such pure thoughts)

    Counterclockwerkon November 29, 2017   Link

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