belive me when i say
im so sorry to see
what ive done though out my life
and understand i do not accept pitty
i take my punishment my self
i understand
maby im a hassard to peoples heath
so, so sorry for the pain ive delt

so long,
before i though i was readt to go
i found more,
so much that i belivde is not in store
for me,
and i know that theres somthing wating
be it,
in the deepest ocean,
high up,
into the sky beyond the clouds
if its,
noise or pure harmony
somthing is out there..
past the sea,waiting
for me

taking more for myself
so much bitterness
my cure for a intangable welth
and eventhough my emotions are in stealth
trapself in side this shell
me,the creator of my own hell
and dont belive me when i say im fine and well

this is just how i am,and how i tend to be
just waiting for the person
who has that key
the only key
that can set me free
from the image in the mirror
from my fear
the key that shows me to see is not to belive
the key that i need
that will show thr true side of me
that will set me free
the one i need..

so long,so much,so free,i need
be it,feel it,not to see it,i need
so long,so free,what i see,inside of me
let be seen,or lead to feel
who i am,what i need,what i will be
come and find me,or is it i who needs to find you
i will feel,and you to help heel
the scar apound my hart,set me,let me
unlock me,finaly free

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Finally Free (down Inside) song meanings
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