"Volcano" as written by and Damien George Rice....
Don't hold yourself like that
cause You'll hurt your knees
well I kissed your mouth, and back
But that's all I need
Don't build your world around
Volcanoes melt you down

And What I am to you is not real
What I am to you, you do not need
What I am to you is not what you mean to me
You give me miles and miles of mountains
And I'll ask for the sea

Don't throw yourself like that
In front of me
I kissed your mouth, your back
Is that all you need?
Don't drag my love around
Volcanoes melt me down

What I am to you is not real
What I am to you, you do not need
What I am to you is not what you mean to me
You give me miles and miles of mountains
And I'll ask

What I give to you is just what I'm going through
This is nothing new, no, no just another phase of finding
what I really need is what makes me bleed
But like a new disease, Lord, she's still too young to treat
Volcanoes melt you down
She's still too young +what iam to you+you do not need+is not real
I kissed your mouth
You do not need me

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"Volcano" as written by Brian Patrick Crosby Damien George Rice

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    General CommentThis song reminds me of a very specific time in my life when I was involved with a guy who was a little bit older than me. And at first things where lovely but as it became harder and harder to see each other it became harder to communicate in any way when we did get time with each. And through tricks and turns in life after it all went REALLY pear shaped we kept bumping into each other in various situation comedy moments. And I always wondered what was going on there coz for a while it was the stuff songs are made off, and yet so quickly it turned. And when I got the album I found such a solid answer in volcano I was really startled – more so by a new artist in quite some time. For there it was me and he splashed across the skies.

    The first verse nails right in to what I was doing when we where meeting; taking some misguided advice every time I did meet up with him I set out to give him the best blow job I could – that I would be the one who would make him cum harder than any guy could make him cum. And now with perspective how it must have seemed to him this little fella taking him so specifically sexually, that the conversation was left to the back of the priorities. Would a welcoming hand job have sufficed? And a weakness for chubby men within me meant that this lad who really had no experience at this point of someone else’s desire for them was probably quite disconcerting, if not borderline ridiculous. And “don't build your world around volcanoes”; that voice, that voice inside that thinks that within us there is this mystery to us that only we know of. Something that is so dark, so repugnant that no one should ever know and will never know. So he warns her off, lets her know that she should be getting off the ride as he is no good for her. Folks can get themselves really tangled up in that mess, that inner/outer world having to be different. More on which in a bit.

    The chorus acknowledges the adoration of the lady is just as hollow as that, she adores him but he suspects that she doesn’t love him for what he is, and most certainly her feelings aren’t in sync with his in regards their relationship. All she can offer him are mountains, little adventures one after the other and all he wants is the still sea. Though the lyric here is played as though if he where offered the sea he might want the mountains instead. Isn’t the grass always greener sometimes, perhaps what he wants to say is that he doesn’t want this sort of relationship right now.

    What I love is that Damien plays with this further, he gives to the lady the right to answer back, and she gives it to him. In my relationship I always felt that sense of aloofness coming from my beau, as I was saying that what I was getting in communication was not what was going on inside his head. That a game was being played, that every word was being vetted twice before it left his mouth – and frankly it pissed me off. I, hell anyone can take what the other has to say, no matter what it is – yes there are consequences, yes at first it can be shocking but if it is real inside your head it needs dealt with whatever action is appropriate. But don’t make a fool of me by telling me one thing and thinking/doing another. That’s fucking manipulation, and shows nothing but disrespect. I – she could [have] be a completely acceptable partner – its just he hasn’t the balls to tell her that the way he feels. His holding back information in some effort to protect her doesn’t impress her. She thinks okay – you don’t want me to be uber lover but tell me don’t make me question your every word in return. For if he is playing game by telling her to contain her desires and passions and she is playing a counter game by challenging his remoteness. Both ultimately trying to provoke the other.

    They both sing the chorus acknowledging this, both accepting that what is currently the status quo is simply fog, that their relationship has no foundation and sooner or later it’s going to hurt them both. But the gentleman steps up to the plate and accepts the blame in the last verse, or rather as he admits that she is a glorified fuck buddy for him - her lack of experience hinders her as she should have the experience to know that this is what happens in single life. There are people who we meet purely to keep our genitals working, its not that there’s anything wrong with them, it’s just that there’s nothing necessarily right about them either. And this is what he has been hiding and what she has been avoiding – that sex is the only thing that unites them. And that she is too young to see it. And yes see my banal life before you to, how silly it seems now but once upon a time I loved someone with no understanding of their feelings to me. I to convinced myself that it was one of a number of psychological reasons as to why someone wouldn’t go to the next level, fear of intimacy, fear of abandonment etc etc. Only to realise that he didn’t really care – perhaps the lack of caring was due to these issues but that I was never to be the one to pick those particular scabs. And instead of doing the decent thing and moving on to let us all pick up the pieces he let in go on all the while letting me convince myself that this was the time I would win him over. But I was not the one. The thing is recently I heard that he was talking about the situation that had developed and he had admitted that even though he was the senior agent in the relationship he himself was too young to have a good handle on the situation, perhaps that’s the best comment of all – he was too young to treat. A truly great song on a seriously memorable album, GO BUY IT YOU FOOLS
    the_toolshedon April 13, 2004   Link

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