Young Kingdoms, Yougn Kingdoms
Prepare the crimson war
Young Kingdoms, Young Kingdoms
Command the righteous law

The fall of melnibone
Imrryr towest in the quiet night sleep
At the northeast part of the turquoise Boiling Sea
Cold wind scream over finest gargoyles high
carrying sings in the dawn that frightens sky

Golden troops may compare a rising storm
and the entire will is on tarkan, Dyvim's core,
Purple towns are attacking from the shore
outer walls and the labyrinth unknown

Young Kingdoms, Yougn Kingdoms
Prepare the crimson war
Young Kingdoms, Young Kingdoms
Command the righteous law
Dragon Isle, oh! Dragon Isle
Sadness dims your witching eye
fancy dream of Xiombarg
Mighty falls in raging hush

Elric guides all the seamen from the bridge
From his leader ship and the laughin' of a bitch
Arches shoot from the topwalls in the crew,
killing men with the anguish of the loot

Tarkan falls as the stumbles on the edge
Just to find the hell dying of his broken neck
Imrryr burns and sorrow has no end
Fury grows as the princess is just dead


Stormbringer, demon grabber with runes
Stormbringer, blackest blade with looms
Stormbringer, feed with mourning souls
Your wicked evil, sounding tunes

Mighty runes, melnibone
can you hear the pray for your burning death?
Pearly halls, your magic sight
Are the crushed of lay on your bloody earth?

Dready shores, Melnibone
can you bear the threat of that flaming flags?
Dragon Isle, your sturdy chime
all is lost right now (and prince Yykoon lurks)

Arioch! can you feel my pain
from yor throne of holy lord?
Am i crying in vain despair
My fate weaved by this broadsword?

I cannot see life or light
In her semblance or her eye
must i be forever lone?
beloved Cymoril is gone?

Have you really found the death
by the evil on my hand?


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    I think it's an pretty obvious tribute to Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melnibone stories.

    anansi_boyon October 28, 2008   Link

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