When sky blue gets dark enough
to see the colors of the city lights
A trail of ruby red and diamond white hits like a sunrise
She comes and goes and comes and goes like no one cares.

Tonight shes out to lose herself, find a high on peach tree street.
From mixed drinks to techno beats its always heavy into everything.
She comes and goes and comes and goes like no one cares.
She comes and goes and no one knows shes slipping through my hands.

Shes always buzzing just like, neon, neon.
Neon, neon, who knows how long, how long, she can go before she burns away.

I can't be her angel now.
No its not my place to hold her down
and it's hard for me to take a stand
I would take her anyway I can.

She comes and she goes like no one cares.
She comes and she goes, shes slipping through my hands
Shes always buzzing just like, neon, neon.
Neon Neon, who knows how long how long how long she can go before she burns
away, away.

She comes and she goes like no one cares.
She comes and she goes, shes slipping though my hands, shes always buzzing just
like neon, neon. Neon Neon, who knows how long how long how long, she can go
before she burns away.

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Neon 12:47 AM song meanings
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    whats the difference between this one and regular neon?

    x83on November 29, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    The really BIG difference between Neon 12:47AM and Neon is that the only lyrics to this song is "Buzzing just like neon ..." Haha. And it's only said two or three times. This song is just John playing guitar. Really well, if I might add.

    superdes_318on March 05, 2006   Link

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The way this song speaks to me🥺🥺when I sing it I feel like I relate
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