I got another funky rhyme
Another funky, funky rhyme
I got another funky rhyme
Another funky rhyme
Another funky, funky rhyme.
Aww shit, Twiztid (I got another funky rhyme)
This is our shit man. (Another funky, funky rhyme)
They're finna remake the wicked shit. (I got another funky rhyme)
Jamie spit it! (Another funky rhyme, another funky, funky rhyme)
Now they let the gates up so I bail.
Six shitty months, pick me up from the county jail
Smart ass mouth even though I paid my dues
Foam toilet, worn blankets, and the rubber shoes
But I ain't naggin
Here comes my people in the hooptie muffler draggin
Ain't been in the hoo ride long
And the 2 liter of Moon Mist is almost gone
Nuts are kinda anxious to drop a load
Told my man hook me up with a chick that he know
The bitch said
Muthafucka pick me up at three
Can't bitch, Cepta don't ride your street
We can eat around the corner at KFC
You can take a cab and I'll pay the fee
When she showed up, damn
She was outta luck
I forgot my wallet in the glove box of my truck
With the tab from the cab, and the dinner too.
With a knot in my sock, bitch I thought you knew
Dressed to impress chewing dentine gum
And I was drunk as fuck and smelled like an alley bum
I'm chewing on my food like a carnivore
Dumb bitch staring at me like an eye sore
Then I plopped my face in the bowl of soup
And slurped up every last bit up through my missin tooth
The bitch jumped up faster than a race
And told me had to powder her face
Since she pickin up the tab
You know that I'ma go for mine
Garcon, Shabali '54 vintage wine
And a steak well done, and an order of shrimp
Jamie Madrox playin the pimp (UH!)
She's back now and her hair ain't fixed
Probably in the bathroom kickin back takin a shit
But I ain't saying nothing though
I ain't saying nothing bout the muthafucking hoe
What's up bitch?
You ready to break ?
Besides, how long can one fat bitch take?
Quit snacking and pay the shit
So we can go to your crib and watch a horror flick
With your daddy
You're employed?
Awww shit...nawww
Your daddy's pretty fresh sweetie pie
I mean him letting me grip his ride
Besides he slipped me a fifty
But then again I'm kinda shifty
Now I wanna fuck so we headed to my house
Fuck sitting with your parents on the couch
Dad I got a bitch in my room and I smile
Take your ass to the bar and don't come back for awhile
A juggalo's known for smackin hoes
But I need to bust nuts so I switch to the mack mode
Now woman, you know I love you
So why don't you just let me fuck you
Look bitch, I know you's a freak
So let me get a little kiss on my cheek
And a fuck to go with that
Come on nympho, and let me hit that
Tell ya what you let me stick it
And I gotta left over piece of chicken for ya (Ah)
You little sewer skank
You nasty little pipe-smoking money hungry bitch!
That's the shit J (What?)
$85 bucks an hour and you wanna play
And that was that
A little smooth talking and she was on her back
You'll never guess what
My first day out and I caught my nut
First day out and I caught my nut (What?)
First day out and I caught my nut (What?)
First day out and I caught my nut (What?)
Well, shit bitch it's my first day out
And I caught my nut
First day out and I caught my nut (What?)
First day out and I caught my nut (What?)
First day out and I caught my nut (What?)
Well, shit bitch it's my first day out
And I caught my nut
First day out and I caught my nut(What?)
First day out and I caught my nut(What?)
First day out and I caught my nut(What?)
Well, shit bitch it's my first day out
And I caught my nut
First day out and I caught my nut(What?)
First day out and I caught my nut(What?)
First day out and I caught my nut(What?)
Well, shit bitch it's my first day out
And I caught my nuuuuuut!!

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    good song

    logan_6969on June 08, 2002   Link
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    i like this version of the song better than ICP's. i mean they are both great, and ICP is like, yea, but i like the beat and all that better for this version.

    Batgirlon June 09, 2002   Link
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    I agree. Jamie Madrox's version is much better...though I never really liked the song in the first place.

    PsychoACon June 30, 2002   Link
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    i titally agree wit physco i never relly liked the song in the first place but i like twiztids version much better

    333 im half evilon December 17, 2007   Link

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