That's the shit
Twiztid we give it up wig splits
Wig splits
Wig splits
Twiztid's givin wig splits.
We cracked your head in half
And what shit funny but we laugh
Twiztid running this bitch for nine dash
A car crash is no equivalent
We far from innocent
Crossing the valley and we gets ignorant.
Acting belligerent on the daily
Hoping that somebody insult me
But I guess I'm dead wrong
All by myself
Fuck everyone else I'm in a hole
And I can't breathe my lungs swole.
Bad dreams when I sleeping
Everybody constantly creeping
Feelin so weak and I can't see em
My conscience keep leaving me .
Falling in and out
Waking up with bullets of sweat and cotton mouth
Them down south niggas don't know about this
And niggas on the West side way too pissed.
Because it's East side niggas talking hardcore shit
Enough to get the North side hit, we the shit
We legit like a muthafucka
Chilling with million dollar peoples.
Digging up graves and acting evil
You looking for the sequel
More like something close to equal
You rappers don't even sequel with bitches in Toledo. What?
Die, die
Diemuthafucka diemuthafuckadie
Die, die
Diemuthafucka diemuthafuckadie
Die, die
Diemuthafucka diemuthafuckadie
Die, die
Diemuthafucka diemuthafuckadie
I smoke too many cigarettes and get high too much
Don't work enough
Shit is too rough
I could give a fuck less if the whole world blow up
Or what gang signs niggas throw up
I'm too fed up to keep my head up
So I let it drag
Can't afford a belt so my pants sag.
Everybody seems to be a fag or a lesbian
But what the fuck happened is what I'm questioning
The president is prejudice against you and me
Then he'd be taking half our money and he chilling tax free
And if you ask me that's another smack in the face
We need to burn the White House and piss in his face
And every judge should do a minimum of twenty to life
If they can dish it they can take it, tell me that ain't right
And every cop should be beat like Rodney King
Non stop from the summer till it turn to spring.
Shove a doughnut in their mouth and a badge in their ass
Because the pigs don't get no class
They get their wigs spilt
Die, die
Diemuthafucka diemuthafuckadie
Die, die
Diemuthafucka diemuthafuckadie
Die, die
Diemuthafucka diemuthafuckadie
Die, die
Diemuthafucka diemuthafuckadie
My life is tearin to pieces
Fuck you I hope you die
In the casket where I lie
And burn my body so I wont attract flies
In my eye's a look of terror, cold as ice
So what if I slit my wrist once or twice
Now I can split your wig with my aluminum bat
Or I can blow your eardrums with my brain dead rap
And you can call it this or that
But I swing to the other
Word to the Monoxide Child, my brother
No other represent this
Effervescent knowledge for Twiztid education
I got the lesson
Bloody text book
Kill the next motherfucker that look
And always shaken ya never shook yeah
Get your wig spilt bitch and we out
Get your wig spilt bitch and we out
Get your wig spilt bitch and we out
Tell these motherfuckers what we talking about
Die, die
Diemuthafucka diemuthafuckadie
Die, die
Diemuthafucka diemuthafuckadie
Die, die
Diemuthafucka diemuthafuckadie
Die, die
Diemuthafucka diemuthafuckadie
Muthafucka die (yeah,yeah)
Muthafucka die (yeah,yeah)
Won't you die
Mothafucka die (yeah,die)
Mothafucka die (yeah,die)
Forget you mothafuckas
Yeah, yeah
Die mothafucka

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Diemuthafuckadie song meanings
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    Best Twiztid song

    MUTHA_FUCKAAAAAon January 08, 2005   Link
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    yeah, i'm with that! this is definately twiztid at their best.

    sxecrackfiendon June 09, 2007   Link

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