Violent J!!
Shaggy 2 Dope!!
Tell me what the dead like!!
What the dead like, we be killin' off the mainstream
We make it hard to earn a dollar in this pipe dream
What the dead like, it's very complicated
I give a fuck about nothin' bitch and I know you hate it
What the dead like, we the people of the moonlight
Sittin' in the graveyard all night
What the dead like, we don't let you bitches call off
We chop your head and watch it fall off


They sit and wait for Armageddon
So they can put a slit in yo' neck just like a neden
They be runnin' with a hatchet
And dangle your soul and watch you jump and try to catch it
They like a 'boom boom boom'
They like 'ha-ha-ha-ha-ha' ridin' a broom!
Well they're just like me
Not givin' a fuck the world, better' carefree!!

If you look at the earth, the earth is one plain surface. What's above life and below life is death and that's where we are. There's so many levels of death above and below where you're at in life. It is compliced, it goes on for eternity. There's millions of levels stacked with deathand we're waiting for you to join us.

What the dead like, they like livin' underground
That's what the dead like, when it's dark, they come around
Out the shadows like a serial killa
With a double-headed axe we dubbed the wig-splitta
We some off-the-wall
Not givin' a fuck at all
And while you bitches hatin', we laughin' at all of y'all
That's what the dead like, runnin' wild beneath the streets
From the southwest back to the mothafuckin' east!


Six feet deep beneath earth
Diggin' a deep for dead, underground since birth
Subterranian hearse
Underground straight through the dirt
With the bloodthirst
For juggalo love comin' first
You gotta be dead to comprehend it
But still we standin'
When your airplay's endin'
Buried alive, eternally, you can't stand it
The dead like always forever in the trenches

You see, the dead are always watching you through the eyes of the vulture, through the eyes of the birds, because that way they can soar, they can watch what you're doing. Basically, they're just watching em' for entertainment purposes because it's funny that you fear death. You fear it and it wants you to taste it and you can't have it enough and they're just waiting for you to join them...


They like the Psychopathic shit
If they see the hatchetman that means it's underground legit
That's what the dead like, and they ain't takin' nothing less
Keep it underground for life is a dance-only request


They worshippin' the reaper
So and yhat's you and I fear that's you that's the keeper
You can ask Richard Pryor
I know that motherfucker's life's about to expire


It's like a string of bad luck
Mad corrupt
Covered in blood like, 'bitch, whut?'
What the dead like, we dazed and confused
Runnin' with a hatchet to death, we can't lose


Whatthe dead like, fuck the spotlight
Only come out at night
Cause we melt in the sunlight
What the dead like, don't know, don't need to know
We stay in the graveyard with our dead ass juggalos

It's funny when you think about religion and science and all that and they think they can put their finger on what it is but really they don't know the slightest thing of what death is. I mean, when you lay down to sleep and your body goes into a state of unconciousness, that's like the closest to what death you could ever witness in life. But even that doesn't take you anywhere near what death really is. I mean, when you wake up from a dream, you're talking about how great it was and what you experienced and that's all nothing, that's all minute compare to what death actually is. What you're thoughts are and what reality is is two completely different things. To actually experience death is beyond anybody's wildest imagination, beyond any writer's philosophies or anything like that. To have experienced death myself, I'll say I would rather run with the dead, I would rather run with the masses, I'd rather become what is forgotten here in this life.

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    Fresh, fucked, noice!

    Kasimir_Razeon February 11, 2009   Link

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