"Hey there, do you like excitement?" (Yeah)
"Do you like suspense?" (Uh huh)
"Do you like Nel Carter?" (No)
"Good 'cause you won't find her here, this is the house of horrors
And for you it's absolutely free, step right in" (thanks)
"Say no more stupid ass, your face says enough"

Woboogawoo wah, welcome to the House of Horrors
Were you born in a barn, shut the fuckin door
You see, damn, 'cause I'm about to scare you
Blubablubabluba, okay, now I dare you
Close your eyes, open up your mouth, and count to ten
Don't want to, huh, 'cause you know my nuts are going in
I'm twisted, I'll cut your finger off, and stick in your butt
Awa and glue it shut
This is when I get crazy, lemme show you something
Brrr, you know what that means, it don't mean nothin, haha
But it scared you 'cause people don't be doing that shit
But me brr, bitch brr, I'm all about it (brrr)
Guess what I'm a serial killer, it's a bad habit
I killed Tony, Lucky Charms, the silly rabbit, uh
Cut the lights, see that shit, I'm glowing
Alright, I'm done, turn 'em back, wait, where you going?
Welcome to the house of horrors

Comes from within me
Comes from within me, horrors, eh

"Honey, I'm not having a good time"
"I know, come on, this must be the way out"

Hey, what the fuck, come here guys, grab a chair
Don't mind me drinkin' my beer in my underwear
Come on, let's play some cardback, I just gotta story
"Hey keep it down in there Shaggs, what the hell?" Sorry
Look at that shit, "what?", You almost got me grounded
I'm a have to take your forehead and pound it
I'll bend you over and tie you up to a pole
And stretch your nuts back and fling 'em up your butthole
I'm a phantom, listen to me, ah
That didn't do it? How about this? Ah
I'm so scary, they call me Joey Terrifying
Did you know that? "Yeah", no you didn't I was lying

"I represent Ecorse
I'm yelling Ink Town
I'm coming out of Southwest
Wicked clowns"

Bathroom? Yeah, it's right there down the hall
Don't flush it though, I'll make dinner for you all
(Mumbles) I'm possessed too
Wait a minute, eh, don't leave me yet, hey
Welcome to the House of Horrors

"I'm scared"
"I know, sweety, come on"

Jump Steady, Nate the Mack, lemme tell you something
With Billy Bill and Rude Boy, what about 'em, nothing
They're my boys, I just had to give 'em props
And together we form the cyclops
Hahahahaha look at you, haha, you're a bitch
Should I let your ass go? Hahahaha, no
I'll let your bitch out, but you get the bone
Run along sugar tits, he ain't coming home

"Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you, bitch"

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House of Horrors Lyrics as written by Mike E. Clark Joseph Bruce

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House of Horrors song meanings
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    juggalohomie420on July 02, 2004   Link
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    General Comment



    juggalohomie420on July 02, 2004   Link
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    Yes, it is a funny song. Twisted, but funny.

    Slipknotfan85on September 24, 2004   Link
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    Forgot "Run, hid, run, hide" [laughing] etc

    Zetsumeion March 15, 2005   Link
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    And after "Wait a minute, eh, don't leave me yet, hey!" he says "I...I love you!"

    Zetsumeion March 15, 2005   Link
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    the first verse is really funny

    B12on September 05, 2005   Link
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    This song is awesome! But whoever put the lyrics up needs to put who is rapping what part cause I just started listening to ICP and I don't know who they all are yet. O_O This song is so cool. It also ended just like I thought it would, with the clowns letting the lady go but the guy..hahaha! It's so cool! XD I love the part where it goes "I killed tony lucky charms and the silly rabbit!" lol XD

    starfireon November 05, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    it is not "I killed tony, lucky charms, the silly rabbit" it's "I killed 20 lucky charms and a silly rabbit" I have reviewed the song many times and checked out the lyrics off of some crazy-ass Insane Clown Posse website, but it is all kool, and remember the words of Violent "J" and Shaggy 2 dope, "The Dark Carnival will never die!!!.

    reko_mortison March 06, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    No the lyric really is "i killed tony, lucky charms and the silly rabbit" it makes more sense that way. And also someone mentioned that they dont no who is singing wut part. Violent J does the first verse and the chorus, Shaggy 2 Dope does the 2nd verse except for the "I represent igors, im yelling in town, im comin out of southwest, wicked clown" part which violent J does. The 3rd verse is still a mystery to me but i think its either Blaze Ya Dead Homie or Jumpsteady that does it. As for the wierd house of horrors guy that says all that "do u like suspense" stuff, hes just a random guy.

    wu tang hood6954on May 01, 2006   Link
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    the third verse is done by jumpstedy

    hatred666on May 10, 2006   Link

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