"House of Mirrors" as written by and Joseph Bruce....
"Ladies and gentlemen the house of mirrors
For just one bet venture through this wonderful exhibit
See yourself in all the weird shapes and sizes
You young man would you like to go into the house of mirrors
Well okay
Have a good time son
And good luck finding your way out
Wait a minute I don't like it in here
Hey wait a minute let me out of here
Let there's dead bodies in here
There's dead bodies in here
I don't like it in here!!!"

Step inside, come my way
This here is your fatal day
You have lied, they have cried
Now your life has been denied
Look into the big mirror
Your reflection is so clear
Devil's head, rotting flesh
With the snakes inside your chest
In the mirror you can't hide
You've been granted Jacob's lide
Whipping fear, spinning pain
All you crying is in vain
You're the beast you never knew
This reflects the things you do
Others starving down the block
Richie's heart is like a rock
How can I make a law?
I'm just here to break your jaw
House of Glass, down and up
You might get your ass cut
Mirror of Life, Mirror of Pain
Death, I wave my magic cain
Your last words are those of fear
But they go unheard in the House of Mirrors

[Chorus x2]
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the wickedest of all
Three blind mice, deepest fear
Welcome to the House of Mirrors

Magic wand, magic mirror
Timeless clock says death is near
Death is here, death is on
My king bishop takes your pawn
You can't break House of Mirrors
That's bad luck for seven years
Only in my wicked realm
Of thee untold, now unfold
Thinking back, what you do
Buy a richie home or two
Even though some down and out
You keep what you could live without
You're the beast you never knew
This reflects the things you do
Others starving down the block
Richie's heart is like a rock
First I grab, then I stab
Cut you up into a slab
Grind and twist, flick my wrist
Toss you in the magic mist
Look into Halls of Glass
Every mirror shows the past
With no love you kick the sin of face
Now your place is in the House of Mirrors

[Chorus x2]

Three blind mice, your worst fear
Look into the deadly mirror

Welcome to the House of Mirrors, Mr. Exec
You should explain to E why ICP should let you live
As you look on I see this image in your reflection
A bigot under cover, showing no affections
To the ghettos and the hoods
Just look at you, you think for us, you're too good
Claiming all you got and you can die tomorrow
And when that shit happens, there's no pinion, no sorrow
'Cause you refuse to lift a hand
And you know it's a blessing to help a brother man stand
And if I were you I'd fear myself
Knowing I was selfish and wouldn't let another near my wealth
You just gotta let em fall
You Violent J, "what up", bash that head against the wall
And don't let him run for the door (where you goin, bitch?)
Make him detour to the sore
And let's wash away his bigot sins
While we welcome in some more of his bigot ass friends
And let them see what they really like
Hand-high riding the Benz and I'm a clown-riding the bike
So look closely in the mirror
You're the beast you never knew, so be the next to volunteer
To live in the hood with the ICP
Yo, J, throw away the key to the House of Mirrors

[Chorus x2]

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"House of Mirrors" as written by Joseph Bruce

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    General CommentIt's "Make him detour to the sewer." Minor mistake, but it bugs me. Everything else is perfect.
    wax_houseon July 10, 2009   Link

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