Welcome to Hollywood whore
Wake up in Hollywood whore
My dance has passed

Combine the throb within the head
With the rhythm of the feet
Say a novena for all those lost
And read the bloodstains on the sheets

I've whored myself for less than this
And I've prayed to appear to fed
As I knelt on my pillow God
I clenched my fucking fists and banged my head

Who could ever take the place of me?

How I kiss up to God my fists
And I pray to keep my head
Though I like Your pretty eyes better blackened
And my fists all fucking red

Through sickness and health
I've kissed up to God two years
I have focused on the cameos made by the tiger
In the valley of the fucking locust

Wipe it off you mouth, get up off your knees
And make me your god, it's sexual debauchery
You cost what you're worth

Who could ever? Who the fuck could ever?
Followed by a boy like this, re-ignited by all your visits
As long as your mouth is shut, you'll still be beautiful

Pack your shit and leave, I don't need to know
And take my memories of her with you
Pack your shit and leave, I don't need to know
And take my memories of her with you

Pack your shit and leave, I don't need to know
And take my memories of her with you
Pack your shit and leave, I don't need to know
And take my memories of her with you

Pack your shit and leave, I don't need to know
And take my memories of her with you
Pack your shit and leave, I don't need to know
And take my memories of her with you

Pack your shit and leave, I don't need to know
And take her fucking with you

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Motel of the White Locust Lyrics as written by Justin Beck Daryl Palumbo

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    General Commenthrms.. all these people who are talking about this song not being cool because of the fact that it says some nasty things towards women on here, that kind of bothers me, because there are songs that have said MUCH worse about women (and people in general) like (and i hate the mention this on a glassjaw comment) eminem has a song about fucking raping his mother and killing his wife. and just because daryl calls a girl a "cunt" and a "whore" makes this song "uncool"? blah.. i dont know. i really like this song. too bad it's about a girl and not a guy :\ heh. i also think that lyrics are a way of people venting their frustrations, so just because daryl talks about beating someone doesnt mean he actually wants to do it. sometimes when people are in a rage they'll say things that pop into their head just because they're so angry. i mean, if i were good with words and writing lyrics i'd probably write a song about beating someone too.. but anyways, now i'm rambling, i really like this song. it has A LOT of emotion in it and it's very intense, the lyrics & the music is really good. hell, all of glassjaw is really good. the hidden song on the end of here is really good too. i always think of that song kind of like a response to this song...
    her heartacheon July 02, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti'm a die hard GJ fan. (they are AMAZING live) And this is one of my absolute favorite songs. First off, to me its about a girl that cheated on daryl, thus...
    "Who could ever..
    Who the fuck could ever..
    Take the place of me?"
    As in, who could you want instead of me. Thats stating the obvious.
    But for the most part, the song is about him feeling like shit after someone he cared about basically dicked him over. It sucks even more because i'm guessing it was during the times when he was really sick. But anyway, this song does have some amzing imagery. I'm a chick and I love everything about this song. its not promoting abuse! i'm sure everyone has said at least once, "i wanna kill her/him!" or "i wanna punch that bitch in the face". just cause you said it doesn't mean you do it! so, its not about the abuse (der! thats him expressing hurt. he wants her to feel the way he does...full of PAIN), its about the music and the words. i think you need to hear the song to get it because the way they deliver the music and the way daryl wails with heartache and anger...it makes you feel and understand what daryl was going through. i fucking love that! all in all, this is a kickass song with some fucking great lyrics. if you don't like it, go listen to your simple plan records. GJ's not for you. And that makes me feel real sad because EVERYONE should like gj...
    xJGJxon April 08, 2004   Link
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    General Commentpersonally, i think you're all a little on the slow side.. this song has nothing at all to do with beating women. it's an expression of the pain and fury he felt when he found his girlfriend cheating on him with his room mate. all he's doing os saying how he felt towards the situation and the people involved. daryl is an extremely talented writer and vocalist, and the way he pours his emotion into the vocals of this song clearly convey his frustration and anger.
    speechlesshxcon January 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI love this song, but I don't know what to say about it exactly.
    tylenolon May 08, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis is by far a fucking good ass song.....i like it man.....lots of symbloism in this
    chulavistaon May 16, 2002   Link
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    General Comment=/...i fuckin hate girls..
    Simplisticdreamson May 23, 2002   Link
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    General CommentUmm... like, is this song about beating (or wanting to beat) women? That's not cool.
    watchthefireworkson May 24, 2002   Link
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    General Comment"umm like, whatever, like yeah, totally"

    It doesnt need to be taken literally, watchthefireworks. Try reading into songs a little bit more. Maybe it is, maybe it isnt.
    tylenolon May 25, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIt's not to be taken literally.
    Just a symbol as to how much pain he feels and how fucked up it made him. Daryl has denied ever beating a girl and condones it.
    There are those times when they act so stupid that the thought crosses your mind, at least to make yourself feel better, but you know never to act out on it.
    EmoNJEon June 07, 2002   Link
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    General Commentyou can say it's not to be taken literally or whatever, but i still don't think it's very cool to say "It's sexual debauchery you fucking cunt, you fucking whore, You cost what you're worth." in a song that hundreds of little hardcore boys are going to be singing along to.
    xforgetmynamexon June 10, 2002   Link

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