Well, it's just another song
Talkin' about how you let them take your rights
Another redundant verse about how you refused to fight & lost
What cost? Your cause has got no champion

How could you hope to win? By just complaining
Now it's raining on you parade
Decisions made could cost you dearly
Not just your money but your freedom

Are you wealthy improper choices could be deadly
They took your so-called rights
You didn't even fight
Well, here's your motherfuckin' wake up call

And there just ain't no way around it
Caught you asleep once again & we ain't havin' it
Got freedumb for you to do just what they tell you
You missed that train of thought

You refuse to be taught a lesson
Now this is what I'm guessing
You'll be held accountable
The things you didn't want to know

You're stressin'
Now with your mind they keep messin'
They took your so-called rights, you didn't even fight
While you were busy fuckin' sleepin'

You know your government was creepin'
Somebody left the door unlocked while you were asleep
Your life was bought & sold, yes, to the highest bidder
Left you in sitcom hell

So convinced you're doing well
You sit back synapses are attacked
American gladiators are the only thing they're given' back
You're dying & in your mind, while they keep lying,

They took your so-called rights
You didn't even fight
Now that we've given you this message you've got a mess
But you can salvage, continue to grow

And soon you'll know that little things in life can make a difference
You don't got to be some politician
Take back those given rights
Stand up and join the fight

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Snooze Button Lyrics as written by John L. Fahnestock James Lynn Strait

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Snooze Button song meanings
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    General Comment

    Lynn came out saying that this song is about the people in the world who just lay back, "sleeping," while others just fill in their place doing their stuff for them, because the other people feel like their say doesn't count.<br> R.I.P Lynn + Dobbs.

    xbi0son November 25, 2001   Link
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    i think this song is a wake up call for all the people out there that just sit around on there asses and do nothing while the government slowly take over our live and control of everything... it saying get off of the couch and let you voice be heard... take bake your rights.. this is the peoples country.. not the governments!!!!!!!!!!

    absent124on June 10, 2005   Link
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    absent124on June 10, 2005   Link
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    My Opinion

    This song is sick! Prob my fav song on the album....Hell, ALL the songs are awesome!

    I think the chorus goes:

    (WAKE UP!) Oh, yeah, you hit the snooze button, woken, now you're up and fell asleep again! (FIGHT!) They took your so-called rights and again, and again, you fell asleep again! (WAKE UP!) Oh, yeah you hit the snooze button, woken, now your up and fell asleep again! (FIGHT!) They took your so-called rights! You didn't even fight!

    And yeah, definitely about taking a stand and not letting anyone control you, whether it be the government, bullies, your own fears, etc...

    no1careshuiamon February 09, 2018   Link
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    General Comment


    BloodInMyEyeson July 18, 2002   Link

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