i was looking in my refrigerator
looking for some bread
but i found a frozen turkey head
and i looked behind the turkeys head
and i saw a chicken wing
but it aint no thing
cause i want some ice cream
ice cream with butter and chocolate
chocolate butter vanilla ice cream
gonna put that in a blender
then i go to get some milk
the low fat vitamin d 10% skim milk baby
i went, i opened it up and oh my God
it was chunky
the milk was chunky

it was chunky milk
chunky milk, chunky milk, chunky milk, chunky milk
chunky milk, chunky milk, chunky milk, chunky milk
chunky milk, chunky milk, chunky milk, chunky milk
i got chunky milk in my refrigerator

hey woman where did you come from
you better shut the hell up
hey dont be goin woo up in here

so i went to the store to go get me some new milk
so i can eat my ice cream: butter chocolate in the blender and vanilla
so i went to the milk section of winn dixie
and they had pixie sticks in the milk section
so i was like "what's up with this
why you got pixie sticks in the milk section"
they said "i don't know"
oh yeah they said "i don't know"
i said "i need some milk
vitamin d low fat 10% skin milk"
so they pointed me to it
so i bought me some milk
i went home i opened it up
but it was chunky milk

chunky milk, chunky milk, chunky milk
chunky milk, chunky milk, chunky milk

they had chunky milk so i said fuck milk
i want coca cola

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    General Comment

    i think this song is a yearning for a better life. the lyrics seem somewhat juvenile, yet they are very insightful -- "they had chunky milk so i said fuck milk i want coca cola" i think the artist is trying to convey that he is too good for chunky milk (which is a euphemism for a bad life) and he isnt gonna take it so hes going to get some coca cola (the better life) well, thats my two cents

    Angler1986on November 25, 2001   Link
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    General Comment

    i think this song is a kid who freestyled and typed some crap starting out about food and just kept going seeing how many people would take the time to check out this song with such a weird ass band name. Well add me to the list.

    MusicEqualsLifeon March 11, 2003   Link
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    General Comment

    No way, man! WM&MTR are a real group from Atlanta, and they rule. DJ Walrus Man spins while MC Rhymefish lays down the dope rhymes (even though they don't always rhyme). I'm the president of their fan club, and as soon as the Add Song feature comes back, there'll be more WM&MTR lyrics.

    WalrusManon April 07, 2003   Link

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