D - L O C,
D is for the dank I bring,
Dash is for the hash being passed,
L is for my love, everlast,
O is for the outdoor organic,
C the confidence in me,
Period to let you know that I'm serious,
Do you think that you can dig this? YUP!
It's Unexplanetory in another category,
I'm down with my girl Ami but that's another story,
I rock hemp knot jewelry,
If you bet put your money on me,
Get ready victory,

It's Unexplanetory,
Kottonmouth Kings,
But that's another story,
Kottonmouth Kings,
It's Unexplanetory,
Kottonmouth Kings
But that's another story,
It's Unexplanetory,

Daddy says triple X rated, crash course set,
I wanna be sedated, I stay faded,
Lay the track up pop a light the king klick sprayed it,
Used, bought, and got it and took it home and played it,
Say it's unexplainable to us it's outdated,
Why I own it I create it trademarked and weighed it,
Your left scratchin' your nuts and I still can't explain it,
You know I got those hidden indoor plants clonin',
Restricted area no residential zone in,
The warehouse district equipped with federal loanin',
FBA got played like six in the morning,
DA slippin', ATF snoring,
I check my wise before I make a sound,
These walls have ears they're spies are all around,
Suburban Noize transports pure dope sounds,
The feds came through, thought we was moving pounds,
Found a bong two pipes and ?? half an ounce,
Now bounce!!

It's Unexplanetory,
Kottonmouth Kings,
But that's another story,
Kottonmouth Kings,
It's Unexplanetory,
Kottonmouth Kings
But that's another story,
It's Unexplanetory,

Now I be the one stoned off the cloned alien,
And you be the one smokin' cest with Les and them,
And they be the people gettin' twisted on the rise,
And we be the cats supplyin' all the highs,
Cuz I like to sit back and vibe, you know the type,
Look at the ladies to make me say my my,
Catch my eye then I cry I'm that type of guy,
My boy Pakelika got that finger that vibrates,
Vanac breaks ?? tastes great,
No butane wood so for blunts and paps,
Pure THC blowin' far and near,
You need to break off that joint from behind your ear,
Slap it on the stone, let's get stoned,
Light up that torch grab some knifes it's on,
I see smooth rips we named the smoke shank,
And I end it on the beat break,

It's Unexplanetory,
Kottonmouth Kings,
But that's another story,
Kottonmouth Kings,
It's Unexplanetory,
Kottonmouth Kings
But that's another story,
It's Unexplanetory,

D-Loc says you got to have hope,
People say he's kind of dope,
D-Loc fishes in his boat,
Out smoke him, not really, nope,
Peeps promote me coast to coast,
Eat bacon eggs and love french toast,
Peeps give me good indo,
Don't you ever take me for a joke,

Now Johnny Richter's gonna take you on lyrical flight,
An bring you down to Orange County on a typical night,
We'll drink some brews and grab our skates and hit the quarter pipe,
I seen the cops goin' left you know I made a right,
I pulled the blunt out the tray to get me on my way,
A little herb in the lungs and I'm A-OK,
Got the krypt get a rip if it's brick get away,
We rollin' deep in the bus puffin' skunk by the eighths,

It's Unexplanetory,
Kottonmouth Kings,
But that's another story,
Kottonmouth Kings,
It's Unexplanetory,
Kottonmouth Kings
But that's another story,
It's Unexplanetory...

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    "Out smoke him, not really, nope"

    One of my fav lines.

    kmk_natashaon March 08, 2006   Link

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